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Lighten Your Load with Timeshare Cancellation

Client stories are what make our jobs at Wesley Financial Group, LLC, so rewarding. We share these stories with the entire staff, so that everyone has an understanding of the impact we have in our client’s lives. Without timeshare cancellation services like ours, these people would not have a happy ending to their timeshare stories.

Below is a client story that makes us remember why we do what we do everyday.

We had a client by the name of Mr. Morales. He was an Air Force veteran who lives in Texas. In one of our first conversations, he shared with us that he had cancer and was planning his funeral. He stated one of his biggest concerns was passing and leaving this timeshare to his family.

We scheduled a follow up call with him about a week later and he missed his appointment. We knew cancelling his timeshare was a huge concern for him, so we called and texted him a few more times with no response.

His resolution specialist had become very fond of Mr. Morales and was worried about him. Five weeks later, she received a message from him asking her to call him back. She was so excited to hear from him and that he was okay that she began to cry at her desk.

We are still working directly with Mr. Morales’ to cancel his timeshare. We want to relieve the timeshare burden for him and his family, just like we want to do for all of our clients.

Stories like this one are the reason our employees believe in and love what they do. At Wesley Financial Group we are saving marriages, lightening the load of those on a fixed income and even assisting those who are making their final arrangements before they leave this Earth. We love that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve on a daily basis.

If you need our assistance, reach out to us to see if we can help.


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