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Danielle Q. Was Promised A “Pre-Elite” Status That Didn’t Even Exist

April 8, 2021
Danielle and her husband love to travel with their two daughters, but when they were tricked into buying a timeshare, vacationing suddenly became very convoluted. ...
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For Patrica and Edward W.’s Timeshare Company, One Timeshare Was Not Enough

October 22, 2020
Having already bought one timeshare in Orlando, Florida, Patricia and her husband Edward set out on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While enjoying their ...
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After Traveling For Work A Lot, Edward R. Trusted A Hotel Company That Later Lied To Him About His Timeshare

October 21, 2020
With 50 percent of his work involving travel, Edward was intrigued when he realized he could book a timeshare through the same hotel company he ...
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For Raymond G. The Single Bachelor, Buying A Timeshare Was Not In The Plans During His Trip To Vegas

October 20, 2020
It seems that more times than not the timeshare industry tends to target a certain age demographic. Raymond found out the hard way that this ...
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Iva F. Was Fed Lie After Lie Before Buying Her Timeshare

October 19, 2020
Iva and her husband look forward to a vacation every year where they get to spend quality time with their grandchildren. However, since buying a ...
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James C. Was Told He Was Buying A ‘Vacation Plan’ Not A Timeshare

October 16, 2020
After serving our country and a long career in human resources, James found himself in disarray when he was lied to about buying his timeshare. ...
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