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Curious About Our Timeshare Cancellation Process?

Everyone’s timeshare case is different. Our qualification specialists will start you on your journey to timeshare cancellation. They are there to ensure that we can help you. Though we can successfully cancel timeshare from over 300 timeshare companies, there are a few we cannot guarantee termination of contract from. Having our clients speak with our qualification specialists, allows us to make the best use out of everyone’s time. They listen to the experience you’ve had and get to know your case in detail. They will also be there to answer any questions you may have about Wesley Financial Group, LLC. 

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Step 1: When you first reach out to Wesley Financial Group, you will talk to one of our Qualification Specialists. The QS is responsible for taking your first call to help determine if we can help you. 


Step 2: The second step in our process is for the QS to set up call two. Your QS will ask you simple questions that will help us build your case for timeshare cancellation. 


If you would like to start your timeshare cancellation process or learn more, reach out to us today. 



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