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WFG Process Explained

In one of our previous blog posts, which can be viewed HERE, we shared the first two steps in our proven process to get you out of your timeshare contract. In today’s post, we are going to continue sharing our process, with steps three and four. After speaking with our qualification specialists, you will have a scheduled call with our Vice President. The Vice President, or VP, will take a look at your case and be able to give you a quote for how much it will cost to completely cancel your timeshare contract and end the financial burden the timeshare contract has put on you and your family. 


There are a few things we ask our clients to do to make an informed decision: Read the reviews on Trustpilot, Google and, view our business credit report from Dun & Bradstreet, read about the lawsuit our CEO and Founder, Chuck McDowell, went through in front of a Federal judge to fight for the right for Wesley Financial Group, LLC, to continue what is right, and finally, watch the video of Chuck McDowell and his wife Jo Ellen.


Once you have looked over everything, and are ready to proceed, the VP will get your information sent to our enrollment department. They will help you pick your payment option and get enrolled in your cancellation. 


Step 3: Your qualification specialist will set you up with our Vice President who will make the final determination if you qualify for our services or not and will discuss pricing. 


Step 4: If you are ready to move forward with a cancellation after speaking with the VP, you will be sent enrollment papers from our enrollment department and be able to choose your payment option. 


If you would like to start your timeshare cancellation process or learn more, reach out to us today. 



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