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Jason and Danielle’s Hawaii Dream Quickly Turned Into a Nightmare

Jason and Danielle S. were staying at a luxury resort on the beautiful Kaanapali beach in Hawaii when they were approached about purchasing a timeshare to “visit Hawaii whenever they would like”. 

Below are written excerpts from the couple on how they were pressured into purchasing the timeshare. Names of people and places have been changed and/or redacted for privacy reasons. 

“We were told that if we took annual vacations, this would be the cheapest way to continue to afford that. In our three hour meeting, we were told that we were buying the best location, which would make it easy to sell one day.

They used multiple sales representatives and we were given gifts such as luau tickets and extra points, but at no time did they discuss maintenance fees.” 

If the salesmen had discussed maintenance fees with Jason and Danielle, then the couple might have opted out of purchasing the timeshare. But just like so many others, they were deceived into thinking that their timeshare was secure and available whenever they might want it. 

“The timeshare is dramatically different from the sales pitch we were presented with. It is always very difficult to get the week we want, unlike how they sold it.”

Vacation planning hasn’t been the only issue that the couple has faced since purchasing the timeshare. 

“The financial burden alone has caused our family a lot of stress and hardship. We’ve had to borrow money to even pay the maintenance fees for a timeshare we can’t use.”

Jason and Danielle have since reached out to us at Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) to finally escape their timeshare nightmare and we were happy to help. After coming on board with WFG, their timeshare has now been cancelled and their family is now timeshare free!*

 Have you faced a similar situation with your timeshare company or perhaps know someone who has? Please reach out to us at our phone number below and we’d be happy to see if you qualify for our services.

(800) 425-4081

*Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) develops individualized programs for each client, terminates over 98% of their client’s timeshare relationships, and, in certain circumstances, obtains a refund of some or all of the timeshare purchase price.  Actual results depend on each client’s distinct case and no specific outcome is guaranteed (although WFG does offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the timeshare is not canceled within the time specified in the WFG Enrollment Agreement).

Wesley Financial Group, LLC, and/or its affiliates, successors, or assigns [hereinafter “WFG”]”) are not lawyers and/or a law firm and do not engage in the practice of law or provide legal advice or legal representation. All information, software, services, and comments provided on this site are for informational and self-help purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, legal or otherwise.  

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