Wesley Financial Group Is a Leader in the Timeshare Exit Industry

For almost 12 years, we’ve fought to help over 40,000 families get rid of their timeshare forever. If you were misled into owning timeshare, we may be able to help.

Our one of a kind process enables you to end your relationship with the timeshare company and all associated mortgage debt and fees forever. If we take you on as a client we will terminate your timeshare, or you’ll pay nothing.

Wesley is the leader in the timeshare cancellation space. Thousands of distressed timeshare owners reach out to us for help each and every week. Unfortunately, we have to turn down over 40% of them. We have a unique and distinct qualification process that allows us to weed out people we don’t think we can help.

Rest assured, if we take you on as a client we’ll get you out of your timeshare or you’ll pay nothing. We have over 3,000 reviews.

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Everything we do serves a single purpose:
Offices in Nashville, TN and Las Vegas, NV
100% Unique and Effective Timeshare Exit Process
Over 3,000 reviews

Meet Our Team

Take a deep dive and meet our great team that makes cancelling your timeshare possible.
Our Team

About Chuck

Chuck McDowell, our CEO, built this company with one goal in mind: “Help people in any way possible as much as possible.” Learn more about our story and rich history.
Chuck McDowell

Office Tour

Wesley Financial Group has two locations to better serve you. Our headquarters is based just outside of Nashville, TN in the historic town of Franklin. Our west coast office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. See them for yourself!
Our Locations
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