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Paul Bought A Timeshare To Help His Late Wife Enjoy Her Last Years Battling MS.

Jul, 10, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes  *Names of people and timeshares have been changed/redacted for privacy purposes.   We truly have the privilege of working with some of the most kind-hearted ...
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Scammed By Timeshare Company, Sandra Was Stuck With Two Timeshares

Jul, 09, 20
Reading Time: < 1 minute We hope this written account will shed some light on the tactics that the timeshare industry often uses on good, unsuspecting people. Names of people ...
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Timeshare Rep Preys On Woman Who Just Lost Her Husband

Jul, 08, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes we are led to believe that people are more knowledgeable about certain things than they actually are and it can cause us to trust ...
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Crystal's Timeshare Horror

Jul, 07, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes The following client story is just one of many true examples of what the timeshare industry often does to unsuspecting people. If you have faced ...
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Timeshare Salespeople Used Daughter's Murder Trial As Selling Point

Jul, 06, 20
Reading Time: 4 minutes Below is a word for word account of the timeshare nightmare that Toni and Mike S. experienced. We hope their written account will shed some ...
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Owning A Timeshare Triggered Ashley's Severe Anxiety

Jul, 01, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes For most people, timeshare presentations are not easy to sit through. Many times they last three or four hours instead of the 90 minutes the ...
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Deserving Family Receives Our Services Pro Bono

Jun, 30, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes The President of Wesley Financial Group, LLC, Robin McVey, has heard many client stories, but there is one story in particular that sticks with him.  ...
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Promised Compensation For Acting As "Realtors" For A Timeshare Company

Jun, 29, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes Of all the lies that we have heard from our clients, this one takes the cake as being the most outrageous. John and Jennifer G. ...
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Publicly Shamed During A Timeshare Presentation, Mary Is Now Timeshare Free

Jun, 26, 20
Reading Time: 2 minutes *Names of people have been changed or redacted.   Mary D. Client Story   After being promised that purchasing a timeshare was an investment, Mary ...
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Timeshare Presentation Lies: Promised Points Would Pay For Hotel Stays

Jun, 25, 20
Reading Time: 3 minutes We often hear from our clients that the timeshare companies will often lie about almost anything to get them to purchase a timeshare. This client ...
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