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WFG Transitions All Employees To Remote Work While Continuing Growth Trend

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to transition all our more than 350 staff members to remote work-from-home by mid-March while also setting company records for the number of timeshares cancelled and the amount of debt relief.

“As it became evident that businesses were going to need to adapt due to COVID-19, we acted quickly to ensure a seamless move to work-from-home,” said Robin McVey, President of WFG. “We had two primary objectives as the reality of the situation set in. First, we were committed to keeping all of our employees from support staff to executives on the job. Second, we knew we had to continue our mission – more than ever – of helping consumers across our country rid themselves of financially-crippling timeshares.”

Thankfully, we did not skip a beat. Our team cancelled 817 timeshares in March that provided more than $13 million in mortgage debt relief for consumers. Both of these were records for WFG. In addition, we continued to have a robust pipeline with nearly 14,000 reaching out for assistance and nearly 1,100 coming on board as new clients.

If you need assistance cancelling your timeshare, reach out to our team today. We guarantee that if we take you on as a client and we don't cancel your timeshare, you'll pay nothing. 800-425-4081

To read the full press release, click HERE

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