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Can I Sell Or Rent My Timeshare?

It is possible to sell or rent out your timeshare online. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as easy as you think. Before we dive into this, let’s talk about how you ended up with your timeshare. 


Most timeshare is sold through a bribe of some sort to get you to show up to the presentation… They use things like a gift card, a free weekend stay, free dinner, or even a cruise. In our research, we have found that most timeshare owners actually never thought of owning a timeshare before they attended the presentation. Actually, most people intend to take the bribe and run. 


While we know this is a hard pill to swallow, the truth is that the only way to effectively sell timeshare is to bribe people to show up to a 90 minute long sales presentation. Because no one is looking, it can take a very long time to sell or rent out your timeshare online. 


There are websites that will charge you a fee to list your timeshare and attempt to sell it for you. The fee can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. But if no one is trying to buy your timeshare it doesn’t matter where you try to sell it. In fact, a quick Google search lists thousands of timeshares for less than $1. Meanwhile, whether you sell it or not you’ll still be on the hook for all the maintenance fees and mortgage debt. Otherwise, the timeshare companies will hand your case over to collections, foreclose on you, and ruin your credit. 


But if you do wish to attempt to sell it with a third party, we recommend you do your research thoroughly. Because whether they sell it or not, you’re on the hook for all the timeshare fees and any additional upfront fees the company may charge you. It can get expensive fast. 


If you would rather rent out your timeshare, you have a couple of options. There are websites you can use to do this. You can even use a website like AirBNB. But you’ll need to make sure that the weeks you have booked for your vacation are weeks you can use. 


Let us explain, before you can list your timeshare for rent somewhere online you have to book that week with your timeshare. However, if no one rents your timeshare, you will potentially lose that time and any additional fees you paid. You almost certainly won’t see the promised return that will “help” you pay all of your fees that are frequently promised during the timeshare sales presentation.


If you’re reading this blog, you obviously want to get rid of your timeshare quickly and you want a guarantee that it will actually be gone.


That’s exactly what we do at Wesley Financial Group. We guarantee if we take you on as a client and we don’t cancel your timeshare, you'll pay nothing. 


Call us today to speak with our qualification specialist: 800-425-4081

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