Can You Donate Your Timeshare To Charity?

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Can You Donate Your Timeshare To Charity?

Yes, you can donate your timeshare to a charity. A variety of organizations accept timeshare donations and use the proceeds to fund their charitable causes. You may need to research the specific requirements for donating your timeshare, as not all charities accept timeshares.

In recent years, thousands of timeshare owners have struggled to sell their timeshare week and have turned to the idea of donating the property proceeds to charity instead. Continue reading below, and we'll answer the most common questions regarding timeshare donations.

Are Donating Timeshares to Charity a Smart Way to Get Rid of Them?

If you are familiar with the timeshare resale market, you know how it’s a barren wasteland of unhappy vacation owners. There are hundreds of listings far below their original purchase price, yet hardly any willing buyers. On top of that, it costs a lot to sell a timeshare unit from the advertising costs, recording fees, and title and resort transfer fees.

Many owners are so desperate to flee the high costs of their vacation ownership they have found other ways to get rid of them. Recently, donating timeshares to charities has proved to be a hassle-free process for many owners.

Are There Benefits To Donating My Timeshare?

Donating your timeshare can provide several benefits. Not only will it help someone in need, but it can also provide you with tax savings. Additionally, it can help you avoid the hassle of selling the timeshare, as well as any potential fees associated with the sale.

Here are several reasons why donating gifts of timeshares could prove to be beneficial:

  • Relieves You Of Timeshare Ownership Responsibilities
  • You Won’t Have To Pay Annual Maintenance Fees Anymore
  • Saves You An Abundance Of Time and Money Compared To Reselling
  • Makes A Positive Change By Supporting Local Communities
  • Eligibility for Potential Tax Benefits

Are There Any Tax Deductions Available When Donating My Timeshare?

Yes, there are tax deductions available when donating your timeshare. The deduction amount may depend on the charity you donate to and the timeshare value. It is important to research the specific requirements for donating your timeshare and to consult with a tax professional for specific advice regarding deductions.

How To Donate a Timeshare To Charity

Can You Donate Your Timeshare To Charity

Now that you understand the benefits of donating a timeshare to charity, you are probably curious about how to do so. The first step is to find a charity willing to accept it as a gift. Once you've done that, you can begin preparing your records for the timeshare donation process.

Here are the information and documents you will most likely need:

  • Name of the Resort Company
  • The Timeshare Agreement or Deed
  • Proof Of Mortgage Paid In Full
  • Most Recent Timeshare Maintenance Fee Bill
  • Most Recent Property Tax Receipt

This information will help speed up the timeshare transferrable process, thus saving you money. The next step is to have your property appraised to determine the timeshare's market value, determining your tax return deduction amount.

How Timeshare Owners Can Determine the Fair Market Value

The appraisal of your timeshare donation is crucial. It's no secret that a timeshares' resale value is far less than many owners believe, but this must be accurate. To find out the fair market value, have a professional timeshare appraisal that meets IRS standards.

The IRS strictly claims that you cannot claim a fair market value higher than the original timeshare cost. Claiming a timeshare is worth more than its actual value when donating to a charity can result in a fine or an IRS audit.

Can You Donate a Timeshare With a Mortgage?

Unfortunately, you cannot donate your timeshare property until you fully pay it off with the resort company. A charity will not allow you to donate a timeshare if you still owe a mortgage on it. Once you have paid off the mortgage, you can begin looking at a donation option.

What Costs Should I Expect To Pay, and How Long Does It Take?

Each timeshare donation is different, so determining the associated costs can be challenging. You should at least expect to continue paying all regular timeshare expenses, including taxes, maintenance fees, and special assessments, until the donation transaction is closed. Depending on the timeshare company, you should also know the potential closing costs and resort transfer fees.

Luckily, the donation process for these properties tends to go much quicker than working with timeshare resale companies. While you do have to complete the transferral of ownership with the charity of your choice, this typically takes no longer than a month.

How Can I Find a Legitimate Charity to Donate My Timeshare? 

It is important to research charities thoroughly before donating a timeshare. Seek out organizations that are legally registered, have an established track record, and are transparent with their finances. Ask for references and look at their ratings with established charity watchdog groups.

What Should I Do Before Donating My Timeshare?

Before donating your timeshare, it is important to research its specific requirements, as not all charities accept timeshares. Additionally, you should take the time to properly document the donation and consult with a tax professional for specific advice regarding deductions.

Are there any special considerations for donating a timeshare? 

Donating a timeshare requires special consideration since the donation may have significant tax and legal implications. Donors should check with their state's laws to ensure that the donation complies with state regulations. Additionally, donors should consult with a tax professional to ensure their donation qualifies for a tax deduction.

What paperwork do I need to donate a timeshare?

When donating a timeshare, the donor must provide the charity with a deed transfer form, a copy of the timeshare title, and proof of ownership. This paperwork must be completed for the donation to be valid.

What Will the Charity Do With My Timeshare?

Most charities that accept timeshare donations as contributions are 501(c)(3) charities, meaning nonprofit organizations are exempt from federal income tax. Donated timeshares typically aid less fortunate individuals and families involved with these charity organizations. Many charities have timeshare donation programs, including the Giving Center and Helping Hands Of America, while other large charities often use third-party donors.

What Are the Tax Benefits of Donating a Timeshare? 

Donating a timeshare may qualify for a tax deduction, depending on the value of the property and the charity's status. It is best to consult with a tax professional to ensure that all tax regulations are followed to maximize the benefit of the donation.

What Are Other Options for Getting Rid of a Timeshare?

Other options for getting rid of a timeshare include transferring the deed to a family member or friend, renting it out, or selling it on the secondary market. These options may appeal more to those not interested in donating the property to charity.

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So, can you donate your timeshare to charity? Sure, as long as you meet all the legal requirements and have a willing buyer or charity to accept it. While selling a timeshare can be a headache or, even worse, a scam, donating it can leave you with a sense of virtue.

If you are a timeshare owner looking for a way out of your agreement but at a crossroads, reach out to Wesley Financial Group, LLC for assistance. While they do not accept timeshare donations and are not at liberty to give out tax advice on charitable donations, their staff does include timeshare exit experts who can help point you in the right direction to financial freedom.

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