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How to Get Out of a Timeshare

It doesn't take long for timeshare owners worldwide to realize they're involved in a bad deal. It usually starts the same for each prospective client - a timeshare presentation about the benefits of buying one, followed by hours of pressure and convincing by the timeshare developers' sales team. They make outlandish comments like "timeshare ownership is a great investment" or "you can always sell an unwanted timeshare later.”

Under timeshare law, buyers have a rescission period where they can freely back out of the purchase. However, a high percent of timeshare owners miss the recission period because it is such a short amount of time, leaving them stuck with a timeshare for sale. While your timeshare may be considered real estate, you can't resell it as easily. It's very seldom that a timeshare is purchased at a resale price since many people do not view the secondary market as a wise investment. The truth is that a timeshare purchase is a money pit that takes thousands of dollars right out of your finances.

So what is an owner supposed to do to get rid of a timeshare scam? While some research might suggest a few ways out, like testing the timeshare resale market or choosing to hire a lawyer, only one option is strategically effective – getting in touch with a timeshare exit company.

Timeshare exit companies can help owners on numerous levels. One benefit of a timeshare exit program is the knowledge and experience they bring to the table. If you sign up for a legitimate timeshare exit service, here are the perks to expect: a money-back guarantee, an in-house process, staff that upholds an ethical standard, and a credit repair service after your termination.

The Attributes That Make Up A Solid Exit Team

With many fraudulent exit teams out there, it's essential to understand what you should look for in a cancellation company. These attributes will help you make tough decisions if you have more than one team you're considering. Since very few companies have all of these traits, looking for them will help you immensely in your search. Let's take an in-depth look at what you should look for in a timeshare exit company.

Termination Or Your Funds Back

When merchants conduct business with clients, there's no better way to instill confidence than to offer a full refund if the product or service doesn't work out. It's a win-win scenario for the customer. A money-back guarantee should be a top priority when looking for a timeshare cancellation company. If the company doesn't deliver timeshare cancellation letters within the agreed-upon time frame, you will receive 100% of your money right back in your pocket.

Working From Within

Unfortunately, the timeshare cancellation industry has a lot of fraudulent exit teams. These phony companies advertise as if they're the best way to terminate your timeshare when in all reality, they outsource your case to a third-party law firm or real estate brokers. If you're going to pay for someone to do this, you may as well hire an attorney yourself. When doing your research, ask the company about the cancellation process. Is it executed internally? If so, then you're probably in safe hands.

Experience Is Everything

When trying to get rid of your vacation property, it's critical to sign on with someone who knows the ins and outs of the timeshare industry. Someone who knows what they are talking about is a top priority when communicating back and forth with timeshare companies. A resort group isn't likely to take your timeshare back. Since you bought a timeshare, you will have to use the correct language in letters and memos to ignite the take-back process. That is where an experienced timeshare cancellation professional will come in handy. You should never have to think to yourself, "this team might be able to get me out." Do your homework, and find an exit team with established industry tenure and one that instills confidence in the process.

Previous Client Success

When consumers are about to buy a good or service, they usually read reviews from past customers. It would be best to do the same when searching for a timeshare exit team. You might come across some crucial information. These reviews, stories, and testimonials will give you a different outlook that you otherwise may not hear when requesting information from the company itself.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC ("WFG"), is one company that checks all of these boxes. Their team members in the cancellation and resolution departments have successfully eliminated millions of dollars in timeshare debt for owners across the country. Having over a decade of experience in the timeshare cancellation industry, WFG can assure a 98% success rate for every case they take on. Their guarantee goes further than the rest – if your timeshare obligation doesn't get canceled within the agreed-upon time frame, all of the money you paid goes back into your pocket.

Why Is It So Hard to Get Out of a Timeshare?

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Like any legal agreement, a timeshare can make any customer feel stranded. There are a lot of variables in play when it comes to calculating the degree of difficulty for canceling a timeshare. One of these variables is the length of time you've had the timeshare. The longer you've had the timeshare, the more challenging time you might have with the resort complying with your needs. Another aspect to consider is whether or not you have paid off your timeshare unit.* If you're still making mortgage loan payments, it could increase the time it takes to get rid of a timeshare. While taking action against a timeshare company can be intimidating, it's better than other walk-away methods or timeshare rental programs. To better understand how to exit your timeshare and get rid of the financial obligation, let's look at a cancellation process used by a legitimate company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC.


Before your timeshare cancellation, you'll go through the standard steps that lead to the termination of your timeshare agreement. This multi-step model lets you know that your timeshare exit team isn't taking your money to give it away. When signing on for a process like this with WFG, if your timeshare doesn't get terminated within an agreed-upon period, the team will take your money and give it back.

The Information Period

In this initial step, you'll receive a mail kit with packets, magazines, and other pamphlets. These materials help showcase the services you're signing up for and help convey the past experiences of former clients. You can read testimonials and reviews from previous timeshare owners. In this step, you can also schedule your free consultation.


After the free consultation, a qualification specialist will reach out to you. They will dive deeper into your agreement(s) with your timeshare developer. As an owner, you have likely been lied to or misled in some aspect. In this step, the qualification specialist will ensure that it's factual. After you've been qualified for intake, a company vice president will reach out to you to discuss pricing.

Account Resolution

In this step, you will have a case specialist assigned to you. Their knowledge and experience will help you craft letters and other forms of communication for the timeshare company. The team member will also keep you informed with around-the-clock updates on the status of your timeshare termination.


You've made it; you're finally free. You no longer have to worry about more timeshare maintenance fees, extra timeshare-related credit cards, or other money-eating expenses. You can finally feel that you ended your timeshare agreement for good. After your timeshare's termination is final, you will receive the option to sign up for a credit rating repair program if it is needed. With this service, a credit repair specialist will assist you by going into your credit history and attempting to remove any statements or inquiries caused by timeshare resorts. However, be aware that not all former timeshare owners have success with regaining previous credit scores or standards.


Sometimes people become very frustrated with timeshare developers because they feel lied to. Take the annual maintenance fees, for instance. In many cases, buyers hear from the sales staff that their yearly fees won't increase. But later on down the road, customers start to complain when the bill comes in the mail. "Years ago, you told me these annual fees wouldn't go up. Why did you lie to me?" That leads timeshare owners to start pondering alternative exit options. Once people realize that the suggestion "Just sell your timeshare" isn't realistic, they wonder if halting payments is possible for termination. Giving your timeshare away isn't that simple. The short answer? Failure to pay the maintenance fee, upfront fee, closing costs, mortgage payment, or any other additional fee/bill will not make the timeshare go away.

It's important to know that it's always the timeshare owner's decision to stop making payments. No other party represented can be held accountable for the halt of your timeshare payments. Here's a list of the stages created to examine further what happens if you decide to stop paying on your timeshare:

The First Attempt To Contact

A resort or timeshare group representative will attempt to contact you at this stage. If you're feeling extra stubborn and continue to avoid calls, letters, or emails, they will have no choice but to escalate the issue.

The Final Collection Effort

Now is when your financial future starts to lie in jeopardy. Should your resort developer report to a credit bureau, your credit score could be negatively affected within months. They will more than likely get a third-party collection agency involved at this stage. If that doesn't scare you, the third and final stage might consist of foreclosure.


Most timeshare owners think that foreclosure isn't an option. Still, since timeshare units often get treated like real estate, foreclosure can happen just as it would on a traditional home. However, it should get noted that these laws can differ by state or country. Therefore, you should be aware of any terms and conditions relevant to the state or country where you own the timeshare.


It's preposterous to think timeshares get sold to customers as "good investments." It doesn't take long for owners to see that the rising annual maintenance fee, a lower credit score, and little to no availability make more for timeshare nightmares. While a timeshare users group might encourage you to look into timeshare resale sites, contacting a timeshare cancellation team is a more reliable way to get rid of your vacation ownership. While it might seem like there are numerous companies with ways to get out of your timeshare, you have to keep in mind that a lot of exit teams can be fraudulent. Be sure to look for a company that has a reputable process approved by review sites like Google,  Trustpilot, and Best Company.

One company that meets these standards is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. These timeshare cancellation experts based in Franklin, TN, have a resume full of client success. That is not to mention the money-back guarantee program that makes them one of the best in the industry. If you want to get out of your agreement and feel your timeshare company has wronged you, contact the team at WFG today.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC, and its affiliates, successors, or assigns are not lawyers or a law firm and do not engage in the practice of law or provide legal advice or legal representation. All information, software, services, and comments provided on this site are for informational and self-help purposes only and not intended to substitute for professional advice, legal or otherwise.

*Different complications can arise depending on whether your agreement is for a shared-deeded timeshare or a shared-lease timeshare.

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