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Is Hiring A Lawyer To Get You Out Of Your Timeshare Right For You?

When it comes to hiring a lawyer to attempt to get you out of your timeshare contract there’s many things to consider. A quick Google search reveals dozens of potential options. All promising to get you out of your timeshare using the latest legal measures. 


But who can you trust? Can a lawyer really get you out of your legally binding contract? Is it possible? 


Unfortunately, in our experience, lawyers are extremely limited in what they can do to get clients out of a legally binding contract that was willingly signed. Oftentimes, these small law firms will attempt to send cease and desist letters to these billion dollar timeshare giants. In theory, it sounds nice. 


But in reality, as soon as legal action of any form is taken your timeshare contract gets handed off to these multi-billion dollar companies’ legal departments where it just sits. Frequently, they won’t even respond. Then, you can push the lawyer to sue if you wish. But you’ll still be on the hook for legal fees against a team of lawyers that gets paid tens of millions of dollars to defend these companies.


Are you willing to be on the hook for a lengthy and expensive legal battle in front of a judge where cases get pushed back court date after court date, only to eventually come to trial and try to explain to the judge why these timeshare companies have wronged you in a contract that you legally signed and agreed to? That would bankrupt even the strongest of families. 


No, the truth is, that as soon as these giant companies get any kind of legal notice they won’t even take the time to respond because they know they don’t have to. And you’ve wasted even more money on a lawyer; money that you could’ve used to strengthen your financial future. 


If you’re looking at going down the path of hiring a lawyer we recommend being incredibly cautious. In fact, a simple web search on these firms will often list dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints of how these lawyers took their money and were never able to deliver. 


The fact is, these law firms may not have any of the resources, time, or expertise required available to fight these giant billion dollar timeshare giants. Before going down this path, we recommend looking at all other options.


One of those other options is Wesley Financial Group. If you would like a customized exit plan that will cancel your timeshare forever, reach out to us today. We will make sure you qualify for our services before we begin the process, so we can take you on as a client with complete confidence in your cancelation. If we take you on as a client, we guarantee cancellation or you pay nothing. 


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