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When most folks think of timeshares, states like California, Florida, and Hawaii come to mind. However, South Carolina is also in the country's top five states with the most timeshare resorts. The state's coastal beaches blend relaxing vacations, historical culture, and southern charm.  

The following guide delves into further detail on what makes South Carolina a touted timeshare destination and what interested buyers should know beforehand.

Why a Timeshare in South Carolina?

South Carolina is best known for its beloved oceanfront towns along the Atlantic shoreline. They make exceptional vacation choices because of their beautiful scenery and rich culture. 

The coasts are diverse, as there is one that fits every possible preference. Visitors can choose between a family-friendly trip to the tourist-filled Myrtle Beach, a romantic getaway to the quiet Hilton Head Island, or amble around Charleston's old-fashioned and historical streets.

It did not take long for the timeshare industry to take notice of these popular destinations. Today, there are numerous high-end timeshare resorts in South Carolina. Many of these offer spacious multi-bedroom suites, full kitchen units, top-quality amenities, and much more to attract the average vacation-goer. 

Popular Vacation Destinations in South Carolina

Although South Carolina is home to several prosperous cities, college towns, and national forests, it is the stunning seaside that tourists adore the most. Below are a few examples of destinations within the state that timeshare companies have nestled into: 


Charleston is a port city that is often named one of the best cities to visit. This historic city is known for its scenic downtown area situated on a peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers and surrounded by several small islands, protecting it from the open ocean.

Sightseeing takes visitors through an abundance of antebellum architecture, pastel-colored homes, art galleries, and historical landmarks. One such place is Fort Sumter, where the opening shots of the Civil War were fired. Tourists also have unprecedented access to fantastic golf courses, nightclubs, restaurants, and more. Multiple timeshare resorts are amidst these attractions and attempt to lure in newcomers. Yet, many question whether timeshares are worth it.

Myrtle Beach

Over 19 million people visit Myrtle Beach each year. Considering everything that this coastal hotspot boasts about, tourists love it here. Myrtle Beach is not a typical beach with beautiful blue water and white sand. Sure, it has those, but it is the plethora of attractions that keep visitors entertained. From family fun at the mini-golf courses or Ripley's Aquarium to Broadway at the Beach, which features a selection of dining and shopping.

The Grand Strand is a 60-mile oceanfront stretch that features several public beaches, boardwalks, and amusement parks. Throughout this area, several timeshare companies opened up resorts. Alas, due to competition with hotels and the emergence of new vacation rental systems, these timeshares may not be as popular as they once were. 

Hilton Head Island

This South Carolina island is the perfect getaway. The relaxing vibe of Hilton Head Island makes it distinct. With its seaside, world-class golf courses, and friendly atmosphere, the activities will keep one busy. Visitors can enjoy biking the oceanside trails, kayaking, and even tours to see marine life, including dolphins. 

A few must-visits on the island include the Harbour Town Lighthouse, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, and the Coastal Discovery Museum. Home to many folk's favorite beaches, several timeshares have migrated here as well. Alas, sometimes, these vendors might impose unwanted stress. Learn more on how to avoid timeshare pressure here.  

Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina

What to Know Before Buying a Timeshare

The perks and benefits of timeshares are often the focus of attention. However, consider a few other limitations before signing the dotted line. To prevent making a regrettable misstep, the following are five drawbacks of timeshares that the resorts may not always reveal: 

Timeshare Vendors Are Not Always Credible

Assertive sellers are a red flag regarding timeshares. Their presentations are notorious for being hotbeds of forceful sales tactics. As a result, each year, thousands of timeshare buyers get burdened. Purchasing a timeshare is a decision that salespeople should not meddle with.

Booking A Vacation May Not Be Simple

The idea behind buying a timeshare is paying for and reserving future vacations today. Albeit, with a points-based timeshare or if you are in an exchange program, you may have difficulties making reservations. Some timeshare owners are displeased or even vacation-less. Reserving a timeshare shouldn’t be saddled with stress and extra fees.

Owning a Timeshare Has Little to No Investment Value

Timeshares may be referred to as real estate, but they seldom get regarded as an investment. Not even the resorts consider it real estate, despite what they may boast to the public. The value always depreciates. Timeshares might be a good investment if you use them to their fullest potential, which is often a challenge.

Vacation Property Alternatives

Timeshare vendors will often overlook to mention other options. Alas, there are often better options. Whether it's a hotel room, a rental property, or even purchasing a vacation home, there is always an alternative.

Timeshare Agreements Are Often Lifetime Commitments

While unbeknownst to many buyers, timeshare agreements often get written in perpetuity. Considering those annual fees and the prevailing lack of property value, Lifetime ownership of a vacation property may be the only vacation ownership that should not be permanent.

What If You Already Own a Timeshare?

Many consumers worry there's no turning back from their timeshare purchase. Some try selling it, but that is doubtful with the lack of resale buyers. Renting it out may be an option, but it will not eliminate the burden. 

As luck would have it, an opportunity for dissatisfied timeshares owners has arrived. That is timeshare exit companies. Such businesses do not resell the timeshare; they cancel it and end your relationship with the resort. 

Wesley Financial Group, LLC*

Wesley Financial Group, LLC* (WFG) is a timeshare exit company assisting misled buyers. As a pioneer of the timeshare cancellation industry and with over a decade of experience, this noble company has accounted for more than 30,000 cancellations. 

Contact a WFG representative if you know someone who experienced deceptive sales tactics with a timeshare purchase. Their timeshare termination services may help them obtain financial freedom. 

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