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Timeshare Problems And What To Do About Them

Often times, even if you know what you’re signing up for when you do buy timeshare, receiving and using what was actually promised is a different story altogether. More often than not timeshares are booked years in advance. Owners often find it hard to even use their points, much less use them somewhere that they want to. Many times, owners have to plan their vacations two or three years in advance. And if you call the timeshare companies to complain about this fact, they will then explain how the package that you bought wasn’t “enough” (even though it sounded like more than enough during the original presentation) and how you should buy more. And ONLY then will you be able to accomplish your traveling dreams! 


Unfortunately, this includes paying even more timeshare fees and saddling your financial health with even more timeshare mortgage debt only to be smacked in the face with roadblocks that prevent you from using it.


The sad fact of the matter is that most timeshare owners can’t even use the timeshare they are paying so heavily for. Whether it’s due to being booked up for years at a time, or not having enough points, or being blocked out by some silly rule or regulation, most timeshare owners just aren’t happy with their timeshare. 


It’s no wonder the salesmen are allowed to say whatever they need to say to pressure you to sign. In what other industry can you promise so much, charge so much, and deliver absolutely nothing? The timeshare companies are making a large fortune by misleading people just like you and not having to deliver on ANY of the services. It isn’t right, but what can you do about it?


When it comes to considering your options for relieving yourself of this timeshare burden, there’s a few different approaches you can take.


You can: 

  • Attempt to reach a cancellation agreement with the timeshare company yourself 
  • Hire a lawyer to represent you and fight the timeshare company 
  • Sell or rent your timeshare online 
  • Quit paying your timeshare debt and fees entirely 
  • Use a Reputable Timeshare Cancellation Company 


In our upcoming blogs, we will discuss the pros and cons of each option so that you can make the best decisions moving forward not only for yourself, but for your wallet too.


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