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James C. Was Told He Was Buying A ‘Vacation Plan’ Not A Timeshare

October 16, 2020
After serving our country and a long career in human resources, James found himself in disarray when he was lied to about buying his timeshare. ...
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Eileen B. Has Enough After Her Maintenance Fees Increase Year After Year

October 15, 2020
When Eileen purchased a timeshare in the summer of 1993, she had no idea that her annual maintenance fees would increase over 250 percent almost ...
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For Carolyn F., A Trip To Vegas Turned Into A Never Ending Timeshare Circus

October 14, 2020
Having been a widow for about two years, Carolyn decided to take a short trip to Las Vegas to get some vacation time. What she ...
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Emily And Her Sister, Mary Jo Ann, Get Manipulated Into Timeshare After A ‘Free’ Lunch

October 13, 2020
After Emily’s husband passed away, she and her sister, Mary Jo Ann, made a promise to take an annual trip together. One year, the two ...
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After Marilyn F. Lost Her Husband, A Misleading Timeshare Contract Was The Last Thing She Needed

October 12, 2020
After a 34-year career of public school teaching, Marilyn spent retirement with her husband travelling. On one vacation they were tricked into attending a presentation ...
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At 84-Years-Old, Gary L. Can’t Afford A Timeshare With Hidden Fees

October 9, 2020
After his wife passed away, Gary tried to enjoy life as much as possible. But with a timeshare eating away at his finances, Gary only ...
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