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A Retiree Unaware Of Hidden Fees With Purchase

Betty D. retired close to a decade ago and has been on a fixed income. Though, that hasn’t stopped her from living her best life. She has taken advantage of her free time with more vacations. Thus, it was a matter of time before she came in contact with the timeshare industry. 

“When I purchased the timeshare, I was already retired. The sales representatives were aware of my situation. In fact, they told me that owning a timeshare would allow me to vacation every year at a fraction of the cost. How could I say no to that?”

Betty thought she hit the jackpot, as many buyers do. However, like many buyers, Betty realized the timeshare was not what the salespeople bragged about.

“No One Told Me About Maintenance Fees Until I Got the Bill”

“Turns out, it was a deceptive sales pitch. I was never made aware of all the fees that came with the purchase. So, it was a surprise when I received the first maintenance bill. It was also not as easy to book the timeshare. After a while, it seemed I had paid for something I could not use.”

The hidden fees caught Betty off guard. However, making it even worse, the “maintenance fees” would be billed on an annual basis and at an increasing rate. Appalled and knowing she could not afford it, Betty knew a change was imminent. 

Working With The Timeshare Company Worsened the Situation

“I tried resolving it with the timeshare company. They seemed to care less about their clients. I called them several times to remove or lower the fees, but I never received help. That’s when I looked for help elsewhere.”

Finding help with timeshare cancellation is challenging. One needs to be aware of opportunists. Determined to work the best, Betty did not settle until she contacted the leading timeshare exit company, Wesley Financial Group, LLC (WFG).

Chuck McDowell’s Story Was A Major Factor

“I chose WFG because of the man who started the company. Chuck McDowell stood up against the timeshare industry. And the WFG staff was exceptional. The process was effortless!”

After working on Betty’s case for a year, WFG declared her timeshare-free! 

“It’s great to check the mail without stressing out over another timeshare bill. I plan to save some income, something I have not been able to do for many years!”

Wesley Financial Group, LLC is a leader in the timeshare cancellation industry, and they may help you next. If you have been misled or pressured into buying a timeshare, you may qualify for their termination services. Reach out today at the number below to get started.

(800) 425-4081

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