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Eva H. Had Never Before Felt a Pressure Like Her Timeshare Sales Presentation

Eva H. and her husband were able to use their timeshare once for their family after their purchase, but her gut told her that it was not going to work the way they were told it would at the sales meeting. Little did she know, her timeshare was not the escape she and her family actually needed. 

The following is a written account from Eva H. about her time spent as a timeshare owner and why she regrets every bit of it. We hope her story will shed a light on the wrongdoings so prevalent within the timeshare industry. Names of people and places have been changed or redacted for privacy reasons. 

During her timeshare sales meeting, Eva faced immense pressure from multiple salespeople. She’d honestly never been in any situation like this one before. 

“During the meeting, they told me that if I called a certain phone number that I could cancel this contract at any time. It turned out that I only had 14 days to cancel the contract, and this was written on the envelope under the flap! They also promised me that we could pass this onto our children with no strings attached, but they did not say that maintenance fees would still be required.

We had declined several offers, but they kept writing new agreements and bringing in higher up managers. One salesman said he would not let me leave without purchasing something. We felt very pressured. That meeting lasted a little longer than five hours!”

Eva and her husband just wanted out of that dreadful meeting, so they ultimately decided to purchase a timeshare package that they thought might benefit their family in the long run. The anxiety that came with such a purchase was strong for Eva, though, and she soon regretted the decision, However, she missed the 14 day window to rescind her timeshare agreement, and the timeshare then began affecting her dreams of a peaceful, stress-free retirement for herself and her husband. 

“Since the purchase of the timeshare and the added expense in my budget, I’ve never felt comfortable in taking advantage of the timeshare. I had to still pay for travel to get to the location and other expenses just like a regular vacation.The last time I used this timeshare was over 10 years ago. My husband has passed, I can’t travel and I simply can’t afford a payment like this anymore.”

While some timeshare owners have success releasing their timeshare through a third party sale or selling back to the timeshare company, Eva’s age has prevented her from approaching any of these options. She wanted out of her timeshare, but she needed help: an advocate in her corner, helping her fight and navigate this dreadful cancellation process.  

After hearing a radio advertisement for Wesley Financial Group, LLC (WFG), Eva decided to reach out to us here and see if she qualifies for our timeshare cancellation services. It took several months of constant back and forth with her timeshare company, but Eva is now timeshare free!*

Do you or someone you know find yourself in a similar timeshare nightmare? Then contact us here at WFG today! We’d love to see if they qualify for our timeshare termination services.

(800) 425-4081

*Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) develops individualized programs for each client, terminates over 97% of their client’s timeshare relationships, and, in certain circumstances, obtains a refund of some or all of the timeshare purchase price.  Actual results depend on each client’s distinct case and no specific outcome is guaranteed (although WFG does offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the timeshare is not canceled within the time specified in the WFG Enrollment Agreement).

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