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Katherine’s Timeshare Actually Prevented Her From Vacationing

The financial burden of owning a timeshare became too much for Katherine to bear, especially considering she was rarely able to use it. When she was first approached about purchasing one, she was interested but also felt like she didn’t have much of a choice. 

The following is a written account from her on the experience she had with the timeshare industry. We hope it will enlighten you on what is really happening within the timeshare industry. Names of people and places have been changed and/or redacted for privacy reasons. 

“I was offered a free three-night stay at a resort if I was to attend a presentation. So I went and brought my sister along with me. During the presentation, we both enjoyed it and thought it sounded fun. But we weren’t ever asked or offered to buy one, rather they just seemed to assume we would and expected it of us. They guilted us by saying we were just using them to get a free stay that weekend. I ultimately decided to go through with the purchase and figured I could take some trips together with my sister.”

Timeshares are not always what they’re made out to be. While they are supposed to be an easy and cost-efficient way of traveling, sometimes they can even prevent people from being able to travel due to such high costs.

“Making use of my timeshare turned out to be much more trouble than I had expected. There were no properties in the areas I liked to travel to and other places came with extra fees that I didn’t find worth it. When I went to another presentation for help in using my timeshare, it just ended up being another sales pitch wanting more money.”

When wanting out of a timeshare agreement, going to the resort company may seem like the first instinct, but they hardly ever help their clients with matters like this. That is where timeshare cancellation companies come into the picture.

“I knew that by not owning a timeshare, I would save so much money and be able to afford vacations to wherever I wanted. The money I was paying in maintenance fees alone would have covered multiple trips a year, but with the timeshare, I couldn’t even get one! I realized that this was not the investment I was sold on and needed to make a change.” 

So, when Katherine reached out to us at Wesley Financial Group, LLC, we knew she needed help getting out of her agreement, as she had been trying on her own for years. We were able to fully terminate her timeshare and relieve her of $23,000 in timeshare mortgage debt.* Katherine no longer has to stress about her timeshare payments and can instead relax on vacation again.

If you know anyone with a similar timeshare experience, please feel free to pass our phone number along to them. We’d love to see if they qualify for our timeshare termination services.

(800) 425-4081

*Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) develops individualized programs for each client, terminates over 97% of their client’s timeshare relationships, and, in certain circumstances, obtains a refund of some or all of the timeshare purchase price.  Actual results depend on each client’s distinct case and no specific outcome is guaranteed (although WFG does offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the timeshare is not canceled within the time specified in the WFG Enrollment Agreement).

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