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A Retiree Unaware Of Hidden Fees With Purchase

Sep, 06, 22
Betty D. retired close to a decade ago and has been on a fixed income. Though, that hasn’t stopped her from living her best life. ...
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How A Dream Vacation Turned For The Worse

Aug, 30, 22
Mason and Wendy are an average married couple with big dreams. However, they soon became nightmares once the timeshare industry intervened. It’s no secret that ...
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Grandfather Loses $10,000 In a Scam

Aug, 29, 22
Chris M. is a 75-year-old with four grandchildren. Since retiring, Chris has enjoyed taking them on vacations. However, the last one soured the experience and ...
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Man Deprived Of Spending Time With Grandkids 

Aug, 23, 22
Parker D. is a traveler at heart who cherishes the time spent on adventures with his family. With his wife Maria, they have five grandchildren ...
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Farmers Swindled For Life Savings

Aug, 22, 22
Savannah and her husband Marcus are farmers and never had time for traveling, despite having an interest in it. So when a few timeshare vendors ...
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Veteran Insulted & Refused Service

Aug, 16, 22
Adam, a United States veteran with 25 years of service, was never warned about owning a timeshare or aware of the financial risk. He had ...
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