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Danielle R. Was Relieved of Nearly $200,000 Worth of Timeshare Mortgage Debt

September 27, 2021
Danielle has spent most of her life establishing and running her own small business, so her personal time has become quite valuable to her over ...
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Alan Was Told His Timeshare Would Be Available When and Where His Family Wanted

September 24, 2021
As a manufacturing engineer being married to a teacher, Alan didn’t have a lot of time to travel between only Christmas and Easter breaks. When ...
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Timeshare Salespeople Made Promises To Laurie That They Could Not Keep

September 22, 2021
Sound the alarm! Another person has been misled into an unjust timeshare purchase. This is becoming all too common in today’s world as thousands of ...
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While Pregnant, A Timeshare Was The Last Thing Serena Needed Or Wanted

September 20, 2021
The one similarity between owning a timeshare and having a baby is how wildly expensive they both are. This was only more of a reason ...
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Karen & John Tried Any and Everything to Get Out of Their Timeshare Agreement

September 17, 2021
Don’t waste your hard-earned money on any of these other companies promising to sell your timeshare. Karen and John B. thought they could trust a ...
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James Had To Compromise His Retirement For His Timeshare Purchases

September 15, 2021
You should never have to compromise your retirement savings. You worked hard for many years to build up that account and it should not be ...
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