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Ben and Lacy’s ‘Free’ Trip Turned Into a Financial Hole

September 7, 2021
When Ben and Lacy were offered a free trip to Hawaii using their friends’ timeshare, the couple had no idea that they would have to ...
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Micah & Wanda’s Timeshare Was Not Worth The One Vacation They Received

September 6, 2021
Would you pass up a free vacation? Exactly, most of us wouldn’t! And Micah and Wanda B. are no different. They accepted a similar invitation ...
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Bill & Amber Don’t Want You To Make The Same Mistake They Did

September 3, 2021
Who here has been swindled out of thousands from their timeshare purchase? What was supposed to be the investment of your lifetime, instead turned out ...
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Hank & Catherine Felt Trapped In The Timeshare Sales Presentation

September 2, 2021
Have you ever felt trapped somewhere and thought you could not escape? That’s how Hank and Catherine H. felt about the timeshare sales presentation they ...
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Mason & Kim’s Timeshare Nightmare Went On For A Decade

September 1, 2021
Who loves to go on a family vacation every year? I guess a better question would be, who doesn’t?  Mason and Kim F., like many ...
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Marine Veteran Had To Reach Into His Savings To Keep Up With Timeshare Costs

August 31, 2021
Being financially conservative has its benefits. You create strong habits that will help build your wealth over time which is great. But this does not ...
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