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Dreams Of A Relaxing Retirement Stolen

Aug, 15, 22
Reading Time: 2 minutes Jesse and Kimberly D. had high hopes for their retirement. They planned to take trips to the beach, play golf, and enjoy good food. During ...
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Clueless About a Purchase Costing Thousands 

Aug, 09, 22
Reading Time: 2 minutes Debbie, a commercial pilot, had already traveled across the world. However, the previous trips required her to work. Now that she is retired, she wants ...
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Family Torn Apart by Ruthless Salesman

Aug, 08, 22
Reading Time: 2 minutes Allison S. is a single mother of two sons from the sunny state of Florida. Enjoying vacations throughout their state’s beaches and hotels, it was ...
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A Family Vacation Becomes A Nightmare

Aug, 02, 22
Reading Time: 2 minutes Matthew O. is a typical guy. He’s a father and husband who always looks for the next adventure with his family. So when he received ...
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A Couple Acquired An Expensive Vacation Home

Aug, 01, 22
Reading Time: 3 minutes Kelly & Andrew B. are married teachers who love to travel and spend time with their four children. When Andrew’s inherited his parent’s timeshare, the ...
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Retired Soldier Oppressed By Corruption

Jul, 26, 22
Reading Time: 3 minutes Elijah, a father, husband, and United States Army Officer who served for over 30 years, always dreamed of sunny vacations after retirement. So when that ...
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Married Couple Daunted By Insufferable Fees

Jul, 25, 22
Reading Time: 3 minutes Samantha and John K. have had friends who were timeshare owners, but they never spoke much about it. Therefore, this couple was left in the ...
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Teacher Felt Hopeless After Losing Thousands

Jul, 19, 22
Reading Time: 3 minutes Phoebe C. always enjoyed her vacations. So when it was time to go on a relaxing retreat, she brushed off all distractions. That was until ...
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Retired Man Thought Financial Hardships Were Behind Him

Jul, 18, 22
Reading Time: 2 minutes Ten years ago, Gary had no encounters with timeshare properties or knew of anyone who owned one. This lack of information made him impressionable the ...
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An Elderly Retired Nurse Was Hassled by Timeshare Salespeople

Jul, 12, 22
Reading Time: 3 minutes Benita worked very hard for her money as a full-time nurse and part-time clinical instructor in the Ohio Valley area. Now entering retirement, Benita looked ...
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