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Hoping To Spend More Time With Family, Victor J. Was Misled Into A Timeshare

November 27, 2020
As a husband and father of two, Victor thought he was making an investment for his family and giving them a future full of wonderful ...
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George F. Felt Helpless With His Timeshare Company

November 26, 2020
George could barely shoulder the financial burden of his timeshare anymore, but he felt locked in with no way to get out of it. The ...
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Antonia M. Grew Tired Of Wasting Her Money On A Useless Timeshare

November 25, 2020
Antonia M. was unknowingly pressured and manipulated into her timeshare. Over time she became fed up with not being able to vacation anywhere with it. ...
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Fear Of Bankruptcy Was Not What Kelly And Cynthia Expected When They Signed Up For A Timeshare

November 24, 2020
It all started as an advertised discount trip to the Bahamas for Kelly and Cynthia. What followed, resulted in financial turmoil for this married couple ...
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Janet B. Thought Her Timeshare Would Make Her Dreams Come True

November 23, 2020
After her husband passed away a couple of years prior, Janet thought her youngest daughters needed a nice vacation get-away and decided to use some ...
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Kevin L. Is A Widower Who Felt Trapped With A Timeshare That Demanded Over Half Of His Income

November 20, 2020
The loss of his wife of 21 years was the final straw for Kevin on wanting out of his timeshare, as he no longer had ...
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