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Military Family Was Lied to About the Flexibility of Their Vacation Home

Jul, 11, 22
Janet and her husband were an active military family. Along with their daughter, the couple routinely moved from army base to army base, with several ...
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A School Teacher Learned a Big Lesson from Her Dreadful Timeshare Experience

Jul, 05, 22
Chelsea, a retired school teacher, didn’t travel much before retiring. She has four daughters and one son. Chelsea is now retired and travels actively to ...
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A Simple Vacation for a Mother of Three Turned Into Hell on Earth

Jun, 28, 22
As a wife, mother, grandmother, and medical professional, Hannah was no stranger to juggling the important things in life. She lived modestly in western North ...
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Military Veteran Facing Thousands of Dollars in Outrageous Fees

Jun, 27, 22
As a retired military veteran, John and his family were accustomed to the hassles of traveling as well as the joys of exploring new destinations. ...
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Widow and Her Daughter Caught with Financial Woes

Jun, 21, 22
Charlotte loved being a nurse, mother, and wife. She and her husband moved from New Jersey to California to raise their only daughter, Kate. One ...
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Dream Vacation Turns Into Financial Nightmare

Jun, 20, 22
As a retired nurse that loved traveling with her husband and children, Anita vividly remembers that lovely day in Sedona, Arizona, in 2005 when she ...
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Army Veteran Misled About Vacation Amenities

Jun, 14, 22
Emily and her husband, Ryan, are military veterans. Each served multiple decades with this country’s armed forces, leaving Emily disabled. Ryan retired a few years ...
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A Family of Adventurers Stuck In A Deal That Keeps Them From Traveling

Jun, 13, 22
Oscar and Camila H. have been married for over thirty years and have three children who are starting families. With everyone living in different states, ...
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Direct Descendant of Holocaust Survivors Was Robbed by Those Who Exploited Her Caring Heart 

Jun, 07, 22
Anna F. has always cared about her community, giving her time and energy to causes she cares about. One of those causes that she connects ...
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Couple Taken Advantage Of During Their Honeymoon

Jun, 06, 22
Newlyweds, Trey and Vanessa, were ecstatic about honeymooning in Hawaii. This pair does not travel often, so when they arrived at their luxury resort, they ...
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