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Jose and Rachel A. Get Tricked Into Timeshare After Virtual Presentation

October 30, 2020
Jose and Rachel’s timeshare debacle was a little different. The couple was manipulated into buying a timeshare virtually as opposed to in person. The following ...
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Just Three Months In, Robert M. Realized He Was Misled Into Buying His Timeshare

October 29, 2020
Living the retired life in Alaska, Robert became fed up with his timeshare company when they misled him into buying a unit. Below includes a ...
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Dorothy M. And Her Husband Cruise Past Timeshare Company

October 28, 2020
Dorothy and her husband decided to take a vacation to celebrate their retirement. After being misled into buying a timeshare, the couple felt lied to. ...
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Rick and Christine R. Were Bothered For More Money After Buying Timeshare

October 27, 2020
After getting manipulated into buying a timeshare, Rick and Christine were bothered with call after call by a sales team that wanted more of their ...
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After 20 Years Of Stress, Judy L. And Her Husband Are Free Of Their Two Timeshares

October 26, 2020
Having done ministry work for nearly 40 years, Judy and her husband love to relax on vacation. But with two timeshares, the couple hasn’t felt ...
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Thomas S. And His Wife Get Tricked Into More Meetings While On Vacation

October 23, 2020
Thomas and his wife love to travel. For them, traveling is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. ...
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