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80-Year-Old Widow Fears For The Future Of Her Grandchildren

May, 31, 22
Pam P. purchased her timeshare with her husband in the 1980s. The couple was convinced it would be great for vacations. And it was, for ...
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Retired Couple Caught In A Scam Costing Them Thousands

May, 24, 22
Cameron D. and his wife retired and were eager to begin planning adventures for this new chapter of their lives. However, before the pair could ...
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Grandparents Scammed Into Taking Out A Second Mortgage

May, 23, 22
Jaye & Harry A. are a retired couple from California. They’ve been married for over 35 years and look forward to time spent with their ...
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Traveling Sisters Shocked At The Actual Cost Of Their Recent Vacation

May, 16, 22
Debbie C. and her sister Belinda adore traveling! Whether it’s visiting family and friends or slipping off somewhere relaxing, these two are always game! Alas, ...
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Belinda Was Offered Tickets To Disney World In Exchange For Attending A Timeshare Presentation

Oct, 01, 21
I don't know about you, but I love Disney World. Imagine being offered free Disney World tickets just to attend a timeshare presentation. That'd be ...
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Eva Was Told Her Timeshare Would Be Glamorous

Sep, 29, 21
Picture it: a beautiful wave pool, pristine waters and an envious destination worth thousands of extra dollars. When Eva first attended a timeshare presentation, the ...
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Danielle R. Was Relieved of Nearly $200,000 Worth of Timeshare Mortgage Debt

Sep, 27, 21
Danielle has spent most of her life establishing and running her own small business, so her personal time has become quite valuable to her over ...
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Alan Was Told His Timeshare Would Be Available When and Where His Family Wanted

Sep, 24, 21
As a manufacturing engineer being married to a teacher, Alan didn’t have a lot of time to travel between only Christmas and Easter breaks. When ...
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Timeshare Salespeople Made Promises To Laurie That They Could Not Keep

Sep, 22, 21
Sound the alarm! Another person has been misled into an unjust timeshare purchase. This is becoming all too common in today’s world as thousands of ...
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While Pregnant, A Timeshare Was The Last Thing Serena Needed Or Wanted

Sep, 20, 21
The one similarity between owning a timeshare and having a baby is how wildly expensive they both are. This was only more of a reason ...
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