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They Were Promised Accommodations For Their Impairments, But Pamela and John G. Were Still Left Hopeless With Their Timeshare Experience

November 13, 2020
Both legally blind, Pamela and her husband John, were easily pulled into the high-pressure sales tactics used by timeshare representatives. What happened over the next ...
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Natalie A. Did Not Even Know What A Timeshare Was When She Got Pressured Into Purchasing One

November 12, 2020
“How does a free one-week stay at a resort sound? All you have to do is come to a 90-minute presentation, free breakfast included!” Most ...
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How Free Tickets to a Hawaii Luau Turned Into a Timeshare Disaster for Bradley M.

November 11, 2020
Seeking a relaxing escape from their home in the frigid north, Bradley and his wife were simply enjoying a trip in Hawaii when they were ...
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Jeffrey G. Was Ready For Retirement Until He Was Swindled Into a Timeshare He Couldn’t Even Use

November 10, 2020
Who doesn’t love traveling the globe and enjoying sunny vacations with their family? That’s what Jeffrey thought he would be opening the door to with ...
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Jasmine And Brianna P. Were Two Single Moms Pressured Into a Timeshare They Never Actually Wanted

November 9, 2020
Jasmine and Brianna were just trying to enjoy a vacation with their families when they were approached by timeshare representatives who offered them money to ...
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At The Age Of 93, Bethel B.’s Timeshare Company Wouldn’t Allow Her To File For Hardship

November 6, 2020
For Bethel, traveling is a physical hardship. At the age of 93, she just isn’t interested in having to go through the process of a ...
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