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Georgia H.’s Timeshare Company ‘Didn’t Follow Through With Their Commitments’

Dec, 28, 20
As a happily married mother of two, Georgia was made to believe a timeshare was a great alternative for family vacations moving forward. Later, she ...
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James M. Was Lied To About The Endless Benefits Of His Timeshare

Dec, 25, 20
Now that he’s retired, James can’t afford to travel as much as he used to. Though he was told a timeshare would solve that problem, ...
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Carla S. Felt Stranded In A Timeshare She Didn’t Buy

Dec, 24, 20
After Carla inherited a timeshare through her marriage, she felt stranded. Below includes a written account from Carla on her timeshare experience. We hope her ...
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For Michael S., A Free Cruise Turned Into A Timeshare Nightmare

Dec, 23, 20
Michael’s father thought his son needed a break from running his own business, so he presented him with what he thought was a free cruise. ...
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Jeremy M. Couldn’t Keep Up With His Timeshare’s Rising Costs

Dec, 22, 20
Jeremy was told that the money he owed in fees would rarely increase from year to year. After being lied to, he became fed up ...
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After Her Husband Passed Away, Cheryl C. Was Taken Advantage Of By A Timeshare Sales Team

Dec, 21, 20
After her spouse’s death, Cheryl decided to take a vacation for some much needed time away. What she didn’t know was that she would return ...
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