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Edward F. Thought A Timeshare Would Be Great For His Family

Dec, 10, 20
Edward F. was tricked into thinking that purchasing a timeshare would be a good idea for his family who loved to travel. He was even ...
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Timeshare Salespeople Preyed On The Sickness Of Sandra V. And Her Husband

Dec, 09, 20
Sandra V. and her husband were gifted with a free vacation stay by their friend who owned a timeshare. From the beginning of this trip, ...
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Brian W.’s Timeshare Is Negatively Impacting His Family’s Future

Dec, 08, 20
Shortly after making considerable investments for his family such as purchasing a new house and sending his children to college, Brian was swindled into buying ...
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Veteran Tammy B. Battles With Her Timeshare Company

Dec, 07, 20
As a veteran, Tammy returned home from her service looking forward to the idea of relaxing and treating herself on a vacation. This unfortunately led ...
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Enticed With Free Tickets, Melissa N. Made The Grave Mistake Of Attending A Timeshare Presentation

Dec, 04, 20
Melissa and her husband were battling major medical conditions when they were misled into purchasing a timeshare and now can no longer bear the financial ...
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After Winning A Trip To Cancun, Marvin C. Was Lied To By The Timeshare Company Who Hosted It

Dec, 03, 20
Marvin and his wife won a radio competition that awarded them a free vacation trip to Cancun, Mexico. Since it was free, the married couple ...
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