Sandra M. And Her Husband Were Tricked Into Countless Timeshare Upgrades

Written by: Chuck McDowell Updated: Dec 01, 2022 Published: Nov 16, 2020 3 minute read

Sandra M. and her veteran husband were looking forward to their retirement and the many vacations they thought would come with it. Unfortunately, their timeshare and its numerous upgrades were never able to yield the results they were promised by deceitful timeshare representatives. 

The following includes written excerpts from Sandra on her experience with the timeshare industry and how she was finally able to liberate herself and her husband from this nightmare. The names of people and companies have been changed or omitted for privacy reasons.

“We were constantly lied to from the very beginning of our timeshare experience, and we couldn’t vacation without being harassed with so many meetings that pushed upgrades on us. We were later told our membership was useless without getting more points added, but these upgrades never made it any easier for us in booking future vacations.” 

Red flags began to rise for Sandra when she noticed how difficult it was to find an open booking for her family's vacations, but salespeople convinced her that upgrading would solve all of their problems. She was told that to stay at the resorts she wanted, she would have to upgrade for more points. None of this was ever mentioned in the initial meeting with Sandra. 

“They told us it would be a great sound investment, but the maintenance fees kept growing higher and higher each year and the return from renting it out was so minimal it didn’t put a dent in the mortgage. Once we found ourselves in a tough position financially due to health reasons, we reached out to the timeshare company to help because we could no longer afford these ridiculous and increasing prices. They treated us like we were a joke and no help came of it.” 

Eventually realizing she had been duped into three separate timeshares due to the numerous upgrades they had pushed on her, Sandra was now ready to get out for good. She had been looking for a way out for almost three years but was wary of falling for another swindle

“We had tried numerous times to seek help from the timeshare company but had no luck. We then heard a radio advertisement for WFG. We were skeptical at first about working with anyone else, but after careful consideration of the information they sent us and the discussions with them over the phone, we knew they were the legitimate and legal help we needed to get out of this burden.”

After contacting us, we were able to assist Sandra and her husband in terminating her multiple timeshares and even getting her a full refund of $14,000 for her most recent upgrade. In total, we were able to relieve her of over $80,000 in mortgage and maintenance debt.*

“Working with WFG has been a tremendously great experience, they are the best! They worked with us tirelessly and we trusted them every inch of the way. Without WFG, we would have never known how to properly get out of this awful timeshare situation.

Now that they’re completely free of their timeshare, Sandra and her husband look forward to enjoying their retirement without the stress of this timeshare laying over them and finally being able to travel in peace. 

If you know someone whose timeshare experience is similar to that of Sandra’s, pass along our phone number below. We would be more than happy to see if they qualify for our timeshare termination services.

(800) 425-4081

*Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) develops individualized programs for each client, terminates over 98% of their client’s timeshare relationships, and in certain circumstances, obtains a refund of some or all of the timeshare purchase price. Actual results depend on each client’s distinct case and no specific outcome is guaranteed (although WFG does offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the timeshare is not canceled within the time specified in the WFG Enrollment Agreement).

*Wesley Financial Group, LLC, and its affiliates, successors, or assigns are not lawyers or a law firm and do not engage in the practice of law or provide legal advice or legal representation. All information, software, services, and comments provided on this site are for informational and self-help purposes only and not intended to substitute for professional advice, legal or otherwise.

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