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Teacher Felt Hopeless After Losing Thousands

Phoebe C. always enjoyed her vacations. So when it was time to go on a relaxing retreat, she brushed off all distractions. That was until one trip to a resort where she and her husband were offered a complimentary stay, among many other gifts. The only catch was they had to attend a timeshare presentation in exchange.

"My husband and I were staying at a new resort in Florida. I don't get caught up in offers made by salespeople at these types of resorts. This time, however, they offered us a free weekend stay and other freebies like wine, t-shirts, and gift baskets. So we agreed to go to their little presentation."

Phoebe forgot her most important vacation rule, no distractions. The resort salespeople hoped to divert her attention away from relaxing and onto whatever they were selling.

Corrupt Vendors Deceived Phoebe

"My husband and I were misled by those representatives. They made several promises that never came true. We were under the impression that we could travel to many places, with everything already paid for. That was not the case. We had let them know that we had no idea what timeshares were, and they used that against us."

Phoebe remembers that timeshare presentation vividly. We recently caught up with her to recount these dreadful events. 

"​​The sales representatives made it seem like you own the timeshare when in reality, the resorts are still the owners. The biggest lie, though, was perhaps being told we'd be able to travel. But we couldn't even book a room at that same resort again, better yet anywhere else. I also need to mention the maintenance fees. These fees increase every year, so you'd think they would be a priority to bring up when selling."

"We Lost A Lot Trying To Get Rid Of The Timeshare!"

Sadly, when it comes to new industries getting established, they can become a hotbed for scam artists. Phoebe can tell you about it firsthand as she was a victim of both the timeshare industry and the timeshare exit industry before finding the proper help.   

"Getting rid of the timeshare was not as easy as it was to buy it. I found two companies, but both fleeced me of a deposit. And the resort always hounded me for maintenance fee payments and late charges.”

Wesley Financial Group, LLC Is The Help Phoebe Needed 

It was close to a decade since Phoebe purchased her timeshare, and she was hesitant to work with anyone. After speaking with the staff at Wesley Financial Group, LLC (WFG), Phoebe had a heart change. it:

"One day, a television ad promoted WFG, and that changed everything. The personnel there were competent and cordial. I decided to give them a shot because the staff was professional. They always listened to my concerns and guided me."

After qualifying for WFG's timeshare termination services, it took six months before Phoebe was timeshare-free. She was also relieved of over $5,000 in future timeshare expenses.* 

"My experience with Wesley was great!  I'd recommend them to anyone who is in the same predicament."

Phoebe's story is one of many. If you have friends or family members going through a similar burden, give them our phone number below.

(800) 425-4081

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