Traveling Sisters Shocked At The Actual Cost Of Their Recent Vacation

Written by: Chuck McDowell Updated: Dec 01, 2022 Published: May 16, 2022 4 minute read

Debbie C. and her sister Belinda adore traveling! Whether it’s visiting family and friends or slipping off somewhere relaxing, these two are always game! Alas, that changed when they had a run-in with the timeshare industry

When Debbie and Belinda were offered a free weekend stay at a new resort, it was impossible to pass up. At the time, it was a harmless gesture. 

“When a free trip fell in our lap, we thought, ‘why not'? But we never knew we were required to sit through a sales presentation. They said it would last 90 minutes. But it turned into several hours.”

This lengthy presentation was cutting into the sister’s vacation time. After the first couple of hours, they were eager to see themselves through the exit doors. But the timeshare salespeople began to act aggressively and pressured them to stay for the full duration.

“We were ready to leave the moment we sat down. Those salesmen were pushy and kept saying our free stay would be revoked if we did not stay the full length. So we sat there for hours as they sold us on timeshares, and how we could vacation whenever we wanted. By the time it was ending, we were exhausted. The pressure had escalated so much that we felt we had to agree to the purchase just so we could leave.”

Debbie and Belinda left the presentation shaken up. They were not sure what they had just purchased, yet they stayed optimistic. The sisters figured they would at least get a few vacations from this timeshare. But in less than a year, they realized that was not the case. Instead, all they got from this timeshare purchase was constant harassment

“They Never Stopped Calling About Upgrades!”

It was close to a year after Debbie and Belinda had purchased their timeshare, and they still had not been able to make use of it. It was difficult to book a vacation with the timeshare, and the sisters’ patience was wearing thin. The boiling point was the incessant calls from the resort.

“The endless phone calls to attend upgrade presentations were getting out of hand. While someone was on the phone, we tried asking about issues with booking on their website. But the only answer was to attend the upgrade presentation. We ignored it for a while, but they didn’t ignore us! They were calling nonstop.”

Between not being able to use the timeshare and the influx of calls, Debbie and Belinda  weren’t sure if it was worth it to attend another presentation, even if the salespeople promised the next one would not last as long.

After contemplating, the sisters agreed to attend an upgrade presentation.

Another Timeshare Sales Pitch Full Of Lies

The timeshare resort and its staff once again tried to roll out the red carpet for Debbie and Belinda, as they offered them another free weekend stay.

The upgrade presentation was no different from the first one. Although, we did get answers as to why we had been unable to use the timeshare. According to the salesmen, we didn’t buy at a high enough level, so we were then pressured to buy more points. That opened up more questions. They tried to explain it and we ended up agreeing to the upgrade.”

Since Debbie and Belinda had upgraded their timeshare agreement, they were promised they could use it anytime. Despite agreeing to the upgrade, the sisters were still hesitant. 

A Random TV Ad Changes Everything

Years had passed and the two sisters were still displeased with their timeshare experience. While they were able to make a few trips, they paid for more than that. With the cost of timeshare maintenance fees on the rise, Debbie and Belinda felt they were getting ripped off.

“After six years we grew tired of the costs. So we began to talk to a few timeshare exit companies, but they always asked for an outrageous sum. Then one day, a commercial for Wesley Financial Group caught our attention.”

Debbie and Belinda were so intrigued that they called Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”), that same day. After that first phone call, it was not long at all before WFG assisted the pair. Within three months, Debbie and Belinda received the help they had been longing for and were out of their timeshare agreement. When asked about working with WFG, Debbie admitted:

“We had a good feeling about WFG. We did plenty of research and watched testimonials from their past clients. We were convinced! They were courteous, and never made us feel pressured as the timeshare company did.”

Stories like these are common. People fall into timeshare traps like this one, more than ever. Perhaps you know someone who is trying to get out of a similar situation? If so, don’t hesitate to pass our phone number along. We would love to see if they qualify for our timeshare termination services!

(800) 425-4081

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