Message from Founder & CEO, Chuck McDowell

Written by: Chuck McDowell Updated: Apr 19, 2023 Published: Jan 02, 2020 2 minute read


Hey, Chuck McDowell here,

When I founded this company, we had one goal: to help good people out of bad situations.

When I first started helping timeshare owners, it was just me and my son in a small house 30 minutes outside of Nashville. Little did I know that our company would grow to hundreds of employees across multiple offices. I would’ve never dreamed that we’d be able to help over 12,000 families and cancel more than $50 million of timeshare debt.

The timeshare owners we help have been lied to and misled time and time again. They’re tired of the lies, and they’re exhausted from the deceit that comes from every angle in the timeshare industry.

Ultimately, they’re looking for someone they can trust. They’re looking for someone who can help them navigate the jungle that is the timeshare industry.

Now, I’m no stranger to the bullying tactics of the timeshare industry. I was sued personally by the largest timeshare company in the world… simply because I was helping timeshare owners as get rid of their timeshare contracts.

They threatened me with a $5.9 million dollar lawsuit. If I had lost that lawsuit, the financial future of my family would have been destroyed.

While I could have folded to their demands and avoided the risk of financial ruin, I knew I had to fight.

I knew I had to stand up to the timeshare giant. If I didn’t, the timeshare cancellation industry would likely never exist, and I knew that millions of timeshare owners would have been stuck in fraudulent contracts forever.

After months of stress and spending every dime I had to fight the timeshare giant in Federal Court, we won.

We won the right to help timeshare owners just like you.

Our promise is simple:
If you qualify for our services, we will stand in your corner, and we will fight together to get your timeshare contract canceled.

I’m thankful for having such an incredible family of employees who come to work every day to help me fight this battle…

…but all of it is for nothing if we are not able to help you. I know that while we do this every day, this is something you never thought you would need.

I know that owning a timeshare is stressful.

I know that learning you were lied to is difficult to accept.

I know that the idea of fighting the timeshare giant is an overwhelming task.

And I know that you likely just want to get out.

The best way to get out is to focus on the next right step. And if you’ve read this far, the next step is to continue educating yourself and find out if you qualify for our services.

Visit this website and schedule a qualification call with one of our specialists today.

On this call, you will learn if you qualify for our services and your options for what to do next.


You are not alone,

Chuck McDowell

CEO & Founder of Wesley Financial Group

Chuck McDowell portrait on August 15, 2018. Photos by Donn Jones Photography
Chuck McDowell portrait on August 15, 2018. Photos by Donn Jones Photography


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