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Wesley Financial Group Cancelled 50K in Timeshare Mortgage Debt

Jan, 13, 20
There are so many types of client stories here at Wesley Financial Group. This is one of the many heart wrenching stories of a family ...
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2019 Year In Review

Jan, 08, 20
Dear Clients,    2019 was quite a year. For us, it was all about you - our beloved clients - and all the ways we ...
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Message from Founder & CEO, Chuck McDowell

Jan, 02, 20
Hey, Chuck McDowell here,   When I founded this company, we had one goal: to help good people out of bad situations.   When I ...
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New Year’s Resolutions from our Resolutions Department

Dec, 30, 19
A new year is right around the corner! The arrival of 2020 is especially exciting for us at Wesley Financial Group, LLC, and so we ...
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Wesley Financial Group’s Holiday Party Recap

Dec, 23, 19
Wesley Financial Group’s Holiday Party Recap On December 13, 2019, Wesley Financial Group hosted our second annual holiday party! Thank you to everyone who joined ...
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What’s in a Name?

Dec, 19, 19
What’s in a name? Well, a lot when it comes to your business's success, notoriety and mission.    Have you wondered where Wesley Financial Group ...
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Who is Wesley Financial Group?

Dec, 13, 19
Wesley Financial Group, LLC assists timeshare buyers who feel they have been misled or had deceitful tactics used against them during the purchase of their ...
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