The Timeshare Industry has been taking advantage of families for decades.

Thousands of families have been sold timeshares that ended up being nothing like they were promised it would be...

That’s why the timeshare cancellation industry exists. In fact, we made something to show the world what we fight for...

Emmy award winning producer, Nick Nanton, followed the leading timeshare exit pioneer, Chuck McDowell, to document his storied fight against the deceptions of the timeshare industry.

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We've spoken to THOUSANDS of Timeshare Owners and we've found:

Many timeshare owners were promised they could go anywhere, anytime. They were sold the idea that they should own their vacation.

They were even deceived into thinking that giving their timeshare to their kids was a good idea.

Unfortunately, for many timeshare owners, this is untrue.

The truth is, buying a timeshare isn’t really like buying a house at all, despite everything that may have been promised in the original presentation.

But Here is the Good News!

That shady timeshare deal doesn’t have to keep your family trapped forever...

We have hundreds of incredible employees dedicated to helping timeshare owners get rid of dishonest timeshares. This is THE problem we specialize in solving.

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Everything we do serves a single purpose:
Over 400 full time employees
Offices in Nashville, TN and Las Vegas, NV
100% Unique and Effective Timeshare Exit Process
97% Cancellation Rate
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