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5 Warning Signs For Timeshare Scams

If you are an avid traveler, or maybe you just really enjoy your vacation time, then I am sure you have imagined yourself as a timeshare owner once before. And, why not? Being able to travel the globe whenever you like and staying at the best resorts available is an enticing offer. If only that was all true.

Timeshares are sold under the notion that you will reap the benefits as an owner but be able to avoid the hassles and difficulties that are common for owners. Well, if you were to ask most timeshare owners, I'm sure they'll say the difficulties far outweigh the benefits. Timeshares are not as simple and easy as these companies make them out to be. They have rising costs, limited availability, and rarely ever live up to the dream vacation property they are sold as. We have heard too many horror stories and the more experiences we hear about, the more these vacation properties sound like a scam.

Here at Wesley Financial Group, LLC, a timeshare exit company, we want to help as many timeshare owners as possible to get out of their unfair agreements. We also want to help caution all those who haven't yet made the mistake of purchasing a timeshare. Below are the 5 warning signs that you have encountered a timeshare scam. It is best to avoid purchasing anything when facing any number of these situations.

1. Attempts To Bribe You With Discounts & Gifts

Nobody just wakes up one morning and thinks to themself, 'I'm going to buy a timeshare today.' There is no timeshare shop where you go to purchase one. It appears the way the majority of timeshares are sold is when people are lured or bribed into attending these infamous timeshare presentations. From the stories we've heard, timeshare salespeople are willing to offer anything and everything to get you into one of their presentations. From discounted stays at resorts and cruises to giving away free local attraction tickets, they will throw everything at you until you agree to listen to them.

So you might be wondering why this is. Well, their salespeople seem so confident in their sales tactics that so much of their focus is just on getting people to hear them. You will learn plenty about these harmful tactics with the next warning sign, but just remember if you ignore these bribes to begin with, then you will not even have to worry about listening to their trickery.

2. Use Of High-Pressure Sales Tactics

I'm sure you have already heard a few stories about timeshare meetings. People step into them thinking it will only last for 60-90 minutes, as advertised but end up spending the whole day there. Once they get you in the room, it is hard to leave. While technically you are allowed to leave whenever you wish, they will do everything they can to make you feel as if you can not. Now, you may be wondering why they would keep people there for so long, oftentimes even against their wishes. Well, timeshare salespeople just don't take no for an answer.

Timeshare salespeople are some of the most talented people in their profession, and they put these skills on full display at their presentations. They will pressure you, guilt you, and frighten you. At their presentations, they will search and find the client’s weakness and use it against them to make it feel like purchasing a timeshare is the only solution to their problems. Don't fall into this trap like so many others have in the past. If you have accepted some sort of gift and attended a presentation to receive the said gift, our best advice is to only stay for the specified amount of time and then leave. This can be difficult though, as so many people go into these presentations determined not to buy anything but leave as timeshare owners. It is best not to doubt the skill, corrupt as it may be, of timeshare salespeople. So it’s best to just avoid them at all costs, along with buying a timeshare.

3. Being Rushed Through The Paperwork

Don't you hate being rushed? Well, just because a timeshare meeting may last for hours on end, doesn't mean the salespeople won't make you feel rushed. Especially when it comes to the end and the paperwork has to be signed. They won't allow you but a few seconds, if that, to look over the details of the agreement before they begin pressuring you into signing it. Just like with any major purchase, it is always a good idea to take your time and read the fine print.

If they are pushing you through the signing process of the timeshare purchase, it must be obvious they are hiding something from you. I mean, if they cared about your time then they would not have kept you in a room for several hours during your vacation. Always take the proper time to read over any agreement before signing, even if that means you have to take it home and think it over. While the salespeople may not like the idea of you leaving before signing, it is in the best interest of yourself.

4. Insist You Buy It On The Spot

As we mentioned above, leaving the presentation without signing the agreement is the best move to make, but it isn't always the easiest one. That's because of the insistence the salespeople will make for you to sign up and purchase a timeshare that exact day and moment. This warning sign goes hand in hand with the high-pressure sales tactics used by timeshare representatives. Ignore the influence of these salespeople and remember, they are not financial advisors to you of any sort so it is best to not trust them with your money.

The timeshare company will probably tell you it is the last day to get this special offer they have, but like almost everything else that comes out of their mouth, it's just another lie. Besides, they exaggeratingly overinflate the price initially anyways. They will always go for the biggest scam and ask for the highest dollar amount before they start backtracking and gradually lowering the price. If you're ever at one of these sales presentations and they begin to drastically discount the price of the timeshare, do not believe they are giving you the deal of a lifetime. The truth of the matter is the more the price drops, the closer it gets to the real value of these properties.

5. It Sounds Too Good To Be True

It's an old saying, but it has a lot of truth to it. If a timeshare sales pitch honestly sounds too good to be true, then the chances are very high that it is. Timeshares are sold and marketed as the perfect vacation, but they are far from it. While their salespeople do an amazing job of fabricating the reality of them, there is just too much evidence displaying the truth of timeshares. Just a little online research on a timeshare company will most likely deliver you with many negative reviews, lawsuit articles, and poor press aimed towards them. This is why we stressed above that you should never buy it on the spot. 

All in all, if you feel uncomfortable whatsoever when presented with a timeshare then it best to just say no, but if you are somewhat interested, then just step away and consider on your own terms. Timeshares have ruined people's lives because of their fraudulent tricks and schemes. Just remember that getting out of a timeshare is much more difficult than getting into a timeshare. Timeshare scams are prevalent within the vacation industry, so always be mindful of these five warning signs when encountering them.

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