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How Much Does A Timeshare Exit Team Cost?

It’s no secret that timeshare agreements can be a nuisance when getting out of one. Unless you change your mind after the purchase and qualify for rescission, you’re left with limited options. You can ask the resort developers to take it back or try your luck at the timeshare resale market, but those often feel like long shots. Still, don't give up! With help from a timeshare exit company, you may still have a chance. 

So by the end of this guide, you'll have a fundamental understanding of what timeshare exit teams can do, how much they cost, and whether or not they're worth it.

Why Is Everyone Canceling Their Timeshares?

There’s a long list of reasons why so many people are deciding to cancel their timeshare! We’ve narrowed the list down to a few common culprits that cause people to change their minds regarding timeshare ownership:

  • It's Expensive: Financial issues are a typical motive for developing a timeshare exit plan. From the timeshare's outrageous upfront fees to the ongoing annual maintenance, this type of vacation property proves more costly.
  • The Experience of Lifestyle Changes: Many timeshare agreements have a perpetuity clause, making them lifetime commitments. And in due course, you may feel indifferent toward the ownership. Whether it’s a move across the country, a family separation, or the passing of a loved one, the timeshare could end up being useless.
  • You Never Wanted It in the First Place: Too often, sales occur due to deceptive practices from resort sales representatives. The timeshare industry has a reputation for not taking "no" for an answer. As a result, many buyers get misled into a permanent deal they had no interest in.  

What Is a Timeshare Exit Company?

There’s a long list of reasons why timeshare owners want out of their agreements. However, getting out is not always easy. The industry would rather keep owners, so they put as many roadblocks as possible. Luckily, timeshare exit companies can help. A timeshare exit company provides agreement termination services to owners who have been lied to or deceived.

When working with a reliable exit company, a dedicated team works solely on your case. Exit costs vary based on various factors, from who your timeshare developer is to how long you’ve been an owner. Alas, some timeshare exit companies guarantee cancellations or your money back!

What Timeshare Exit Companies Do 

With a timeshare exit team, you have experts in this field collaborating for your betterment. They will strategize exit plans, consult with professionals, maximize their resources, and are a phone call away during every step of the process. If you had a negative timeshare experience, consider the valuable service that a timeshare exit team can provide.

One other note, timeshare exit companies are not timeshare resale companies. While they may appear similar, they are far from the same. A timeshare resale company lists the property for sale on their website, often at a high cost and unsuccessful. On the other hand, a timeshare exit company terminates the purchase.

What Timeshare Owners Should Look For In a Timeshare Exit Company

Choosing a timeshare exit team to work with isn't always simple. Seeing how the timeshare exit industry is new, there's still a risk of fraudulent conspirers masquerading as legitimate companies. To prevent that, select one of the best timeshare cancellation companies to represent you. And who’s the best?

Reliable ones are easy to spot. Below are three examples of what a reputable timeshare exit company will do that distinguishes it from others:

  1. Initial Free Consultation: First off, ignore unsolicited callers claiming to cancel your timeshare if you pay upfront fees. Instead, find an exit team that offers a free initial consultation. That way, you learn more about the company and its qualification process before spending your hard-earned money.
  2. Provide a 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Just because a timeshare exit company guarantees a cancellation doesn't mean it's a done deal. Make sure they include another promise. That's a money-back guarantee if they’re unable to cancel it. You might have drained enough money to that timeshare, so there's no reason to risk more.
  3. Positive Timeshare Exit Team Reviews/Ratings: If the timeshare exit company is as trustworthy as they say, their former clients will attest to it. Check customer reviews for all exit companies that interest you. Great places to find timeshare exit team ratings are at Best Company, Google, and Trustpilot.

The Costs of a Timeshare Exit Team

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Canceling your timeshare is not cheap. Then again, neither is continuing the ownership and watching the price of maintenance fees skyrocket every year. Chances are, the price to cancel the timeshare today will be minuscule compared to what lies ahead if you don’t. 

Do you want the specifics? The price to hire a timeshare exit team will differ since no two timeshare agreements are the same. Therefore, starting rates for a credible timeshare exit team can range between $1,000 and $10,000. Exit companies often provide payment plan options when necessary and have even been known to take on some pro bono.

The Fees of the Timeshare Cancellation Process

 Each timeshare owner’s cancellation process is different. Nevertheless, expect to see a variation of the below three fees:

  1. Timeshare Cancellation Fees: The cancellation fees will vary based on your timeshare situation and the strategies used by your exit team. These fees go to the timeshare cancellation company.
  2. Title Transfer Fees: Additional processing fees if your timeshare cancellation calls for a real estate title transfer. Transfer fees complete the title transaction back to the original property developers, who also collect the payment from these fees.
  3. Resort Settlement Fees: Owners behind on mortgage or maintenance payments may fall victim to exit expenses. If the timeshare resort developers wish to recoup your past missed payments, they might do so through settlement fees.

How to Determine the Cost of Your Timeshare Exit

Just as the price of every owner's timeshare is different, the exit price also varies. Several aspects of the ownership will determine the total expense for the cancellation. Below are the leading factors that affect the cost of a timeshare exit:

  • The timeshare company
  • The length of the timeshare ownership
  • The total amount of unpaid timeshare debt
  • The cost of annual maintenance fees
  • The remaining balance on the mortgage loan, if applicable
  • Terms and conditions in the agreement regarding cancellation
  • The timeshare exit company you choose
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Is It Worth It to Cancel A Timeshare?

While it may cost some money to break out of a timeshare agreement, the good news is that the savings accrued over time beat it! Getting out of that endless cycle of annual maintenance fees alone can make a timeshare exit team worth it. In recent years, these timeshare exit companies have proven to be a trustworthy option for dissatisfied owners.

To learn more from a successful timeshare exit company, check out Wesley Financial Group, LLC ("WFG")*. Based on the above-stated requirements, WFG checks all the boxes and more when searching for a timeshare exit team. Also, since 2011, they have already helped tens of thousands of people cancel their timeshares. Contact WFG for a free consultation here

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