Real Client Story - Carla R.

Are you struggling to pay your ever rising maintenance fees? Were you lied to when purchasing your timeshare? Unfortunately, your story is one we have heard many, many times here at Wesley Financial Group, LLC. Below is a story just like yours. 


Carla and her husband purchased timeshares in 2003 and 2005. After Carla’s husband passed away in 2012, she was contacted by a timeshare salesman. The salesman was trying to upsell Carla with destination points. The information was confusing and conflicting, but in the end Carla was convinced to purchase the destination points. 


She was told she could get any unit anywhere that she wanted with the destination points and that she could still use her original timeshare units. Unfortunately, this was a lie and Carla was unable to use the points the way she wanted. 


Carla was stuck with thousands of dollars in maintenance fees and turned to Wesley Financial Group, LLC, to help her get out from under the fees. 


Carla described her experience with WFG, “It was a seamless and positive experience”. 


To watch Carla's testimonial video, click the video below. 

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If you were lied to and tricked into purchasing a timeshare that has given you a mountain of timeshare debt or growing maintenance fees, reach out to Wesley Financial Group today.



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