What Is a Timeshare Floating Week? 

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A timeshare floating week is a timeshare ownership arrangement where the owner can choose when they would like to stay at their timeshare resort. The owner gets the same number of days of use each year, but the dates can vary from year to year, depending on availability. 

What Are the Different Types of Timeshare Floating Weeks?

There are several different types of timeshare weeks that can be purchased. These include fixed weeks, floating weeks, points-based weeks, hybrid weeks, and club weeks. Each type of timeshare provides different benefits and drawbacks depending on the individual's needs.

Timeshare Floating-Week vs. Fixed-Week Systems

Almost all timeshares operate under fractional ownership, meaning the actual ownership is divided between many. When looking at timeshares for sale, you will find several different types. While points-based ownership is the newest type of timeshare for sale, the more traditional methods are the fixed and floating weekly options. The difference is how owners can schedule and manage visitations, but you may need to learn that in a timeshare presentation.

Fixed-Week Systems

According to Investopedia.com, owners can use the vacation property for a specific week (or weeks) every year with a fixed-week timeshare. The upside is that the owner can know they'll get a particular week every year without stressing about someone else taking it. There will always be availability. The downside is that changing or demanding a different week may be challenging.

Floating-Week Systems

With a timeshare floating week, the timeshare buyers do not get restricted to visiting the same location during the same period each year as you are with a fixed vacation week. Although a timeshare floating week offers owners maximum flexibility, trouble persists with these flex weeks in booking your desired time and location. The one-week increment you would like to book may be closed during the busy times of the year (e.g., holiday weeks) and may need to be reserved in advance to ensure availability.

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What Should I Consider Before Purchasing a Timeshare Floating Week?

Before purchasing a timeshare floating week, it is important to consider the costs associated with the timeshare, the rules associated with the timeshare, the location of the timeshare, the amenities that the timeshare offers, and the potential for appreciation of the timeshare.

What are the advantages of a Floating Week Timeshare? 

A Floating Week Timeshare allows the owner to choose when they would like to travel each year, so they can plan their trips around their lifestyle and other commitments. This type of timeshare also offers more availability than peak week timeshares, meaning owners can book their vacation earlier and more easily. 

What Are the Disadvantages of a Timeshare Floating Week?

There are some potential drawbacks to owning a timeshare floating week. These can include the cost of upkeep, the potential for price increases, a lack of flexibility in selecting weeks, and the inability to rent the property. 

What types of resorts offer Floating Week Timeshares?

Floating Week Timeshares are available at various resorts, including luxury resorts, boutique resorts, and family-friendly resorts. Owners can choose which resort they would like to stay at each year, allowing them to explore different destinations and experiences. 

Are there any restrictions on a Floating Week Timeshare? 

Yes, there are some restrictions associated with a Floating Week Timeshare. Owners must book their vacation within the same season or the same year of their purchase, depending on the terms of their contract. Additionally, owners must adhere to the resort’s rules and regulations.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Timeshare Floating Week?

To get the most out of a timeshare floating week, it is important to research all its costs. Additionally, planning is important to ensure one can get the most out of the timeshare. Understanding the rules associated with the timeshare is also important to ensure that it can be used as intended.

Can I rent out my Floating Week Timeshare?

Yes, you can rent your Floating Week Timeshare to a third party. However, you must ensure that you comply with all laws and regulations and the terms of your contract. Additionally, you may be subject to taxes and fees associated with your timeshare rental.

What Are Some Alternatives to a Timeshare Floating Week?

Some alternatives to a timeshare floating week include vacation rentals, hotels, resorts, and camping. Each of these options provides different benefits and drawbacks depending on the situation.


A floating week timeshare is an attractive option for those looking for the flexibility to choose when they want to take their yearly vacation. It allows owners to take advantage of the best deals and discounts and visit different locations each year. Although it can be more expensive than a fixed-week timeshare, it can also result in significant cost savings over the life of the timeshare. When buying a floating week timeshare, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are making the right decision.

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