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Grandparents Scammed Into Taking Out A Second Mortgage

Jaye & Harry A. are a retired couple from California. They’ve been married for over 35 years and look forward to time spent with their grandchildren on vacations. So when timeshare vendors had the first opportunity to explain to them what a timeshare was, it was made out to be a dream come true. 

“My husband and I were invited to a free presentation of a new Las Vegas resort. It ended up being a timeshare sales presentation. At that time, we were ignorant of what a timeshare was. The spectacle went way beyond the expected time, but the sales reps distracted us by showering us with pleasantries and gifts. We were being pressured nonstop to buy and before you know it they had us sign up for a timeshare purchase.”

As far as first impressions go for timeshares, Jaye and Harry’s experience is not unheard of. Salespeople prey on potential buyers’ naivete and use deceitful sales tactics to pressure them into unfair sales transactions. It would take some time before Jaye and Harry realized they had been victimized.

“After about a year with the timeshare, we were somewhat forced into attending another timeshare presentation. There, the representatives convinced us to upgrade, claiming it would make vacationing even more affordable and easy. We fell for these shady schemes multiple times, never realizing how much it was costing us.”

“Nothing But Lies At Every Meeting!!!”

Jaye and Harry were encouraged by the timeshare company to upgrade on two occasions. Marketed as improvements to their agreement, instead, these upgrades were pivotal in ruining the couple’s timeshare experience. 

“Those upgrades were not making the timeshare better! Each presentation was becoming more unbearable. Our last trip to one of those upgrade meetings ended with Jaye feeling so harassed that she rushed out of the room crying! That’s when we refused to ever go back.”

Following Jaye’s experience, the couple recognized a scam. Looking back at the prior presentations, Jaye recollected several lies.

“Those sales reps at the resort said this was not like other timeshares. It was more of an investment that would make our dream vacations come true at a fraction of the cost. We could travel wherever we desired at an affordable price. It seemed to be working at first, but after the upgrades, the timeshare became useless. And it was still costing us!”

Fixed Income Of Two Retirees Not Enough To Satisfy Resort

With each timeshare upgrade, Jaye and Harry’s expenses spiked up. From the monthly mortgage to the annual maintenance fees, these increases were taking a toll on the bank accounts.

“With both of us retired and on fixed incomes, we struggled to keep up with the timeshare costs as they kept rising. With threats of foreclosure, we had to take out a second mortgage on our home to cover the timeshare costs. Eventually, we paid it off, but that didn’t stop those pesky maintenance fees from increasing.”

Horror Story Ends At The Hand Of A Facebook Ad

With limited incomes, Jaye and Harry could not continue their timeshare expenses. By chance, Jaye found the answer to their financial problems by scrolling through social media and reading about Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”).

“We talked about getting rid of the timeshare for years, but it was not until we came across WFG. I saw their ad on Facebook and we decided to give them a try. Our first talk made us feel better about our situation because, for the first time, we had a chance of getting out of our timeshare.” 

Once Jaye and Harry qualified for WFG’s termination services, the award-winning staff began working until the timeshare agreement was terminated.* 

“Working with the staff at WFG was outstanding! Everybody was helpful, and most of all, they cared. It took over a year but our timeshare was canceled. You won’t find us in another timeshare trap!

Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps you know someone in a similar situation? If so, pass along our phone to them. We'll be delighted to see if they qualify for our timeshare termination services! 

(800) 425-4081

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