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Teachers Distraught When Retirement Plans Diminish

Oct, 03, 22
Sean and Kendra S. dreamed of retiring their careers as educators and visiting every U.S. National Park. That was until a timeshare company stepped into ...
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A Mother Is a Target Of Two Entities Vying For Her Savings

Sep, 27, 22
Lauren, a teacher, and single mother was brought in by a resort company based on incentives, including a free stay and admittance to various attractions. ...
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Married Couple’s Vacation Costs Tenfold

Sep, 26, 22
Carolyn and Doug R. got caught up in the whirlwind of intense and pressuring propaganda. It all began when they were offered a free weekend ...
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Couple Loses Savings Amid An Illness

Sep, 20, 22
Sammy and Diane had no prior knowledge about timeshares. And how did resort vendors get their attention? By offering them a complimentary resort stay, of ...
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Trapped In A “Deal-Of-A-Lifetime”

Sep, 19, 22
Erin B. is a single mother looking forward to a well-deserved retirement. So when she received a phone call from a new resort claiming she ...
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Are There Any Legitimate Companies That Buy Timeshares?

Sep, 16, 22
Your timeshare was a wonderful gift to you and your family when you were using it. But your life has changed, and it's become a ...
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