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What Are the Disadvantages of Owning a Timeshare?

May 3, 2022
Are timeshares worth it? That's up to each owner, but we've heard enough horror stories from past buyers to conclude that maybe these vacation properties ...
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Will Not Paying Timeshare Affect My Credit?

April 25, 2022
Owning a timeshare may seem significant at first, but once you realize how expensive it is for the consumer, you may change your mind. Many ...
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Do Timeshares Go On Your Credit?

March 11, 2022
Buying a timeshare can be a big deal! So much so that you may be wondering what effects timeshare ownership can have on your credit. ...
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What Is Better Than A Timeshare?

March 11, 2022
Timeshare weeks were supposed to be the future of vacations. A timeshare is a fractional vacation property, meaning you only pay for the time spent ...
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Is There Anything Good About Timeshares?

March 9, 2022
With close to ten million timeshare owners in the United States, it goes without saying that timeshares are popular. However, despite the success of this ...
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Can You Write Off Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

March 8, 2022
Timeshare ownership comes at a great expense. Therefore, many owners are curious whether their timeshare fees are tax-deductible. As these expenses grow, it is natural ...
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