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What is a Timeshare Rescission Period

Many timeshare salesmen seem to promise the world during the initial presentation. They make promises like, “You’ll be able to travel around the world!” “Go wherever you want whenever you want!” They even sometimes stress that “you’ll be able to pass this on to your kids and you’re doing something good for your family.” They are trained to hit certain emotional triggers and use specific tactics in order to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Often, many people go into these presentations with the hope of receiving their free gifts. Other times, they are instructed to go by the resort they are staying at. We’ve also seen many people insist, “I wasn’t going to buy anything at all.” Only to then be drawn into the high quality presentations and the allure of achieving their vacation dreams. It’s not your fault!

These presentations are only supposed to last for 1.5 to 2 hours. But a lot of timeshare companies have realized that if they keep the guests over the time limit, they can pressure them to sign via exhaustion. If you’ve ever seen interrogation videos where suspects are worn out by detectives, it’s a lot like that but in the timeshare industry!

At the end, they lay the lengthy contract in front of you and show you where to sign in order to “get you out of there” and talk about how you can cancel any time during the Rescission Period.

The Rescission Period is usually a 3 to 5 day period where you can cancel your contract at any time. That gives you 3-5 calendar days to read the entire contract you’ve already agreed to and see if you want to keep it or cancel. If you disagree and wish to cancel, you can contact the timeshare company and cancel your contract following the instructions that are listed within. However, if you agree, or fail to make a claim to cancel the contract within the first few days, the contract becomes legally binding and much more complicated to get out of.

Please be aware that the timeshare companies make it extremely difficult for you to figure out how to contact them so you can cancel your contract.

However -- if you are still within the rescission period -- we recommend reading your contract very closely to find the instructions on how to cancel during the Rescission Period and follow them very carefully.

If you are past the recission period and wish to have risk free assistance with cancelling your timeshare, give Wesley Financial Group, LLC a call today. We cancel timeshare contracts for over 200 families each week and have now helped over 12,000 families total.

We can be reached at: 800-425-4081

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