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Karen & John Tried Any and Everything to Get Out of Their Timeshare Agreement

September 17, 2021
Don’t waste your hard-earned money on any of these other companies promising to sell your timeshare. Karen and John B. thought they could trust a ...
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James Had To Compromise His Retirement For His Timeshare Purchases

September 15, 2021
You should never have to compromise your retirement savings. You worked hard for many years to build up that account and it should not be ...
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Are Your Timeshare Maintenance Fees Rising Uncontrollably like Marcus’ Were?

September 13, 2021
Time and time again, maintenance fees have proven themselves to be real deal breakers when it comes to timeshare ownership. This is usually due to ...
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Joseph & Elaine Saved Nearly $1,700 Per Month After Cancelling Their Timeshare!

September 10, 2021
Joseph and Elaine loved to arrive at their destination a few days early when traveling, mostly because they wanted to enjoy the sights and sounds ...
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Chad & Gena’s Timeshare Was Totally Unexpected

September 9, 2021
On their way to a wedding one day, Chad and Gena stopped to take a stroll through downtown Charleston, South Carolina. They were only in ...
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Drew and Debbie’s Timeshare Never Accommodated Their Hectic Schedules

September 8, 2021
Drew and Debbie travel to Hawaii quite a bit for a casual vacation between their hectic work schedules. The couple’s schedules didn’t allow for long-term ...
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