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Donna’s Timeshare Experience Only Worsened After The Covid-19 Pandemic

August 20, 2021
Ten years ago when Donna D. originally purchased her timeshare, she was led to believe that this was her ticket to a lifetime’s worth of ...
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Married Air Force Veterans Were Misled Into Their Timeshare Agreement

August 19, 2021
James and Faye B. originally met when they were both serving in the United States Air Force together. Years later, they were married and were ...
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Arthur’s Timeshare Maintenance Fees Were Due Every Year Right Before Christmas

August 18, 2021
During the early 2000s, Arthur R. had a string of bad luck. After losing his wife to a 20-year battle with cancer, he went through ...
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Laurie Was Roped Into A Timeshare Against Her Wishes

August 17, 2021
To say that Laurie S. was wined and dined by the timeshare resort staff would be an understatement. Whether it was an invitation to stay ...
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Erica’s Timeshare Ownership Has Been Overwhelming Since the Purchase

August 16, 2021
When Erica and her husband left their initial timeshare presentation, she was under the impression that her grandchildren would be able travel with them, the ...
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George V. Was Told His Timeshare Was Flexible

August 13, 2021
When vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN, George and his wife attended a 90-minute timeshare presentation, where they were told of the flexibility of owning a timeshare ...
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